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Mew Ichigo

by RoseAiluros

RoseAiluros Tokyo Mew Mew is one of my favourite animated shows ever!
Ichigo is the Mew that I love the most, no duh.

Obviously, I don't own the series or characters.
This is just a fun doodle that I did to pass the time.


東京ミュウミュウ © 吉田 玲子
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  1. seel129
    I love this art, happy to see some Tokyo Mew Mew fans :)
    May 31, 2018
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  2. catchallwings34
    100 out of 100 of cuteness
    May 27, 2018
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  3. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    How did this cuteness escape my radar for over a week? I love because she is just so adorable! ♥
    May 26, 2018
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  4. BlueMew392
    Wow! Great artwork! Whenever I see anything related to Tokyo Mew Mew, I always get filled with nostalgia. I LOVED watching this anime as a kid and I still love it to this day!
    May 24, 2018
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  5. *that* gay guy
    *that* gay guy
    Never seen the show myself but that's awesome art
    May 21, 2018
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  6. Vaporeonn
    tokyo mew mew was my favourite thing ever as a kid wow, this was a nostalgic slap to the face
    May 17, 2018
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  7. Aura
    Ah, I see you are a woman of culture as well. But seriously Tokyo Mew Mew is awesome, although Retasu is my favourite of the group.
    May 17, 2018
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