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Mew and the Pokemon Hybrid: Prologue

by TrappedNutCase

"Who are you?" A sniffled whimper came from a child.

"I'm Mew." A small pink cat Pokemon cooed as she floated near the child.

The child was a small nine-year-old girl dressed in a dirty, white nightgown. Her hair reached her lower back, the once blonde lock, brown and greasy with filth.

"Wh-Why are you here?" The girl sniffled as her dead, green eyes looking up at the glowing pink Pokemon.

"Because I know what they did." Mew replied.

"Y-You do?"

Mew nodded. "You were made into a Pokemon, but you were born human."

"I-I'm a monster!" Her dirt covered face had streaks through them, made from tears. "That's why I'm locked up. I have to stay here or I'll hurt someone!"

"You'll hurt someone if you stay." Mew held her paw out. "I can help, come with me."

The girl silently looked up, and took the Pokemon's hand.