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Memories of Auvena: Chapter 1. A New Dawn

by SharpShotInteleon

SharpShotInteleon The story of a young boy's adventure through Auvena, my own custom Pokemon region. (I don't care about anyone saying this shouldn't exist)
Joseph woke with a start, panting heavily and in a cold sweat. He rocked himself in his bed, trying to recover from the terrible nightmare he had just had. He slowly trailed out of bed, essentially dragging himself to his desk. Pokémon memorabilia covered the table, plushies, sketches and encyclopaedias scattered all over. Wearily, Joseph opened his diary and began to write:

'Dear diary:
I've just had the most terrible nightmare, and I thinks it's necessary to write about it:
There was some strange Pokémon, which exuded some sort of legendary power, unlike a normal Pokémon would. However, it was surrounded by these horrendous creatures, which looked unlike anything I had ever seen. They pounced on it, tearing it to shreds and letting out a roar. The creature under attack let out the most ungodly screech and-'

Joseph's writing trailed off into scribbles of panic and fear. Once again, he started breathing heavily and rocking himself again. His mum ran up the stairs to comfort him,
"Shhh… Shhh, it's ok Jo, it's ok..."
Joseph smiled softly and stopped breathing heavily.
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