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Zamcios contest: Memories like these will never fade.

by OmegaCarvineplays

OmegaCarvineplays Zamcios contest has been fun so far. Now it's time for memories to be made. This is about how Omega remembers the little guy Gamma.

This will be a first person writing based on the memories of Omega. Just so you know.
I ran, not knowing what was in front of me or behind me. I couldn't let them touch the egg. It was so close to hatching I could feel it in my heart. If those Pokemon appeared again I would have to resort to violence. I hid in a cave outside Couriway Town, Terminus Cave on Route 18, and heaved a sigh of relief. I cursed a bit to loud and the egg began to shake. It was so dark in the cave, considering it was also night, and I could just vaguely see the outline of the egg.

It shook more violently and I gazed in awe as the egg broke away to reveal the Pokemon. I practically jumped through the roof with suprise as I saw it was an unusual colour. A shiny! That's what it was. I smiled at my good fortune and embraced the Deino and it let out a slight squeak. It was awfully quiet for a hatchling. I opened my bag and rummaged through the various items I possessed and took hold of my pokedex. As I looked up I cursed and jumped back. The Deino was standing right in front of me like a ghost and I didn't notice. He leaned closer to inspect the contents of my bag and I smiled. I thought to myself at that moment that he was very curious.

I walked over to the bag and opened a zip. I brought out a pokepuff and smiled. I held it infront of the Deino and he gladly took it. It made sense considering his species. I grabbed the bag and beckoned the Deino. My Pokedex beeped loudly as it started and the Deino backed away and tried to cover his ears with his foot. I gasped and muffled the sound of the pokedex and stroked the Deino's back. He gradually walked closer to me and nuzzled my hand. I laughed heartily and stood up. The Pokemon that was pursuing is early had vanished and I smiled. I climbed the rocks to the exit and looked at his Quickball. I didn't know whether to help him up or return him to his Quickball. I muttered some encouraging words and lightly placed my hand under his stomach. He caught on quickly and began to ascend. One foot after the other and he made progress fast.

We emerged into a starry sky that reflected the hopes and dreams of many. I gazed closer at the Deino and grinned." Your green and purple. What would sound like a good name?" I questioned myself and it hit me suddenly." Welcome aboard, Gamma."
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  1. OmegaCarvineplays
    At the end is a hulk reference fyi.
    Aug 7, 2016
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