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MLP OC Junks: Mellow Melody

by Star.Prince

image.jpg image.jpg
Star.Prince Here's what used to be Pastel Lullaby. Now her name is Mellow Melody, hope you like to redesign!


Age: Teen (13 in human years.)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality +: She's Kind, Friendly, and Strong Minded

Personality -: She can be Rash, Hard Headed, and Stubborn

Friends: Rose Garden and Haunted Story

Rosey Quartz (Mother)
Unknown Father
Golden Wing (Brother)
Blue Bolt (Sister)

Up until this point she has had sever anxiety about not having to many friends. But she doesn't worry about that anymore, she knows she has friends that love her. But when she was a little filly, she was bullied, she sang about it, and she felt better if she did anything to do with music, and she discovered her special talent and got her cutie mark, after that she went on to be a musican for her home town, Middles Berry.

She spends most of her time with her friends, and she loves to grow flowers around her pond.
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