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Mega Evolution Series: Mega Pokémon Ideas/Stats

by Neopolitan

Neopolitan I was thinking of a series of Mega Evolutions that I personally wanted to see. I'll make 3-4 new mega evolutions every week on Thursdays. Sketches will come as I get inspired.
Mega Haxorus
Type: Dragon
Ability: Fey Devastator - Enables Dragon-type moves to hit Fairy-type targets, however, damage is slightly lowered for said attacks.
Stats: 610
Attack - 160
HP - 100
Defense - 90
Special Attack - 60
Special Defense - 70
Speed - 100

Mega Archeops
Type: Rock/Flying
Ability: Rapine - Attacks with STAB that have a base power 80 and below gain +1 priority.
Stats: 540
Attack: 145
HP: 90
Defense: 75
Special Defense: 75
Speed: 155

Mega Torterra
Type: Grass/Rock
Ability: Solid Rock - The power of super-effective moves against the Pokémon is decreased.
Stats: 625
Attack: 115
HP: 140
Defense: 135
Special Attack: 80
Special Defense: 100
Speed: 50

Mega Cacturne
Type: Grass/Dark
Ability: Weather Armor - Boosts Pokemon's Defense while in sunny weather or in a sandstorm.
Stats: 580
Attack: 145
HP: 73
Defense: 75
Special Attack: 128
Special Defense: 75
Speed: 84
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