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Mega Mudsdale

by Gamingfan

pixil-frame-0 (9).png
Gamingfan What if Mudsdale had a mega? Would it look like this?

The answer is no. The pokepeople aren't as brain-dead. Still, I made a mega Mudsdale because why not?

Type: Ground/Rock(?)
Ability: Power of endurance (Raises both defenses when hit by an attack)
Stats: 100
Attack 160 (35 added)
Defense 140 (40 added)
Special attack 55
Special defense 130 (45 added)
Speed 15(20 taken)

It's mud-caked legs have hardened into a strong and durable substance. It's also very heavy, and puts a strain on the pokemon's movements.

Mega evolution has affected this pokemon's temperament. The previously docile Mudsdale becomes a cold fighter, never showing emotion as it crushes its enemies under it's heavy body.
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