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Mega Emboar

by MeowsticWithACrown

Mega Emboar.png
MeowsticWithACrown This was a request by @Manga Green . It's rather funny because when I made Mega Samurott he became Bipedal and Emboar became a quadruped, heh.

Mega Emboar
Mega Fire Pig Pokemon
Type: Fire/Dark
Ability: Reckless
Height: 4'03"
Weight: 357.5 lbs
ATK-148 DEF-75
SP. ATK-125 SP. DEF-75

Upon Mega-evolving, Emboar's Fire-Beard becomes a full mane of flames. Mega Emboar can ram through walls with its brute strength.
  1. Pikachucat
    o god no don't *mega emboar rams pikachu cat* medic!
    Jan 20, 2015
  2. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    And suddenly a wild Pyroar attacked!
    ...Wait, it's not a Pyroar?
    Oct 15, 2014