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Mega Delphox

by MeowsticWithACrown

Mega Del.png
MeowsticWithACrown Greninja's scarf is made of its tongue, now Delphox has a hood made of fur.

Mega Delphox
Fox Pokemon
Type: Fire/Psychic
Ability: Inner Focus
Height: 5'03"
Weight: 90 lbs
ATK-104 DEF-63
SP. ATK-134 SP. DEF-130

Mega Delphox can use its psychic powers to generate powerful flames that can destroy large areas
  1. TomFireType
    Mega Delphox : You are dead Jigglypuff!
    Jigglypuff use metronome!
    Jigglypuff use Surf!
    Delphox has fainted!
    Jigglypuff : YEAAAAH! 8)
    Oct 9, 2014