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Mega Charizard vs WarGreymon

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Mega Charizard vs WarGreymon
Charizard flew through a valley, looking for a fight. Suddenly, he saw a yellow, fire ball heading straight for him. Charizard dodged and looked around, growling. A large figure flew up to him. This was WarGreymon, who challenged the dragon Pokémon. Charizard roared, then became surrounded in a white energy circle, with the Mega Evolve symbol above him. Charizard then burst out of it as Mega Charizard X. WarGreymon and Mega Charizard glare at each other angrily, then clash. They begin scratching each other quickly, the Digital Monster gaining the advantage. Charizard then bit on his monster rival’s head, and launched a Flamethrower. WarGreymon grunted and stabbed Charizard in the stomach. Charizard growled and flew back. Charizard sent a Fire Blast, which was met by WarGreymon’s Brave Shield. WarGreymon then builds up energy in his claws and begins attacking the lizard Pokémon. WarGreymon then uses Great Tornado, which sends Charizard flying. WarGreymon roars in triumph, but is then hit in the stomach hard by a Flare Blitz. Charizard then uses Slash, Wing Attack and Flame Thrower on WarGreymon, who is knocked back by every attack. WarGreymon flies up and soars down at high speeds, bashing into Charizard. The Mega Pokémon shouts in pain, but then uses Dragon Rage, sending his opponent back. WarGreymon flies up again, this time ready to end his rival’s life. He charges up Terra Force, while Charizard also charges up an attack. Thunder clouds and lightning come to the area, and both roar before firing. From the Digimon’s, a Terra Force. On Pokémon’s side, a mighty blue Fire Blast. The attacks clash, both sending one back, then the other pushing it back. Charizard and Greymon roar, before a large flash appears in the middle. Charizard and WarGreymon’s eyes widen, and are hit by the flash, which incinerates the area. After the flash disappears, we can see a pink fluffy ball on the ground with a fainted Charizard on the ground. The pink fluffy ball, AKA Koromon, jumps towards his knocked out opponent. He then jumps on top of him and yells one word. “I WIN!”
This fight’s winner is: