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Mega Absol Y

by Gamingfan

pixil-frame-0 (18).png
Gamingfan I originally was going to make regional absol but I'm not that good at this whole "Not making sucky drawings" thing. So instead midway through I decide I would make Mega absol. "But wait!" you say "Doesn't absol already have a mega?"
That is correct my nonexistent viewer, as such I decided to follow the overrated pokemon that are charizard and mewtwo to make X and Y forms. I would consider absol's canon mega the X form, as it focuses heavily on quick and damaging attacks, while this form is more on the defensive side, being a tank that can hit hard. I might make my own Mega Absol X next when I get bored enough, but as of now I going to ask whoever took their time to read this (thank you very much good sir/m'am) what pokemon do you want me to do next.Can't promise they'll be any good though XD.

Type: Dark/Psychic(?)
Ability: Magic Guard
HP: 65
Atk:170 (Added 40)
Def:110(added 30)
SpD:110(Added 30)

It's body had become extremely sensitive to it's surroundings. It is able to sense any kind of danger to itself or anyone around. This has made the absol extremely jumpy, and it will attack anyone, even those with no ill intentions, who comes near.

It seems to be able to predict and control the environment. It can easily cause destructive storms and powerful natural disasters around a large area, although this gives it a horrible headache after mega evolving.
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  1. PrincessPika~chan
    Ooh~ Interesting, I like the design, too!
    Though, Pokemon never gain health when Mega-evolving... I know it's not too major, but slight things like that just bug me...
    Apr 8, 2020
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