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Lost History: Meeting The Red Man

by Lost Souls

Lost Souls Alice is powerful, she always has been. Even back when she caught the attention of the Red Man.
I was panting as I ran towards the large mountain. A large pack of Houndour and Poochyena chasing behind me. Every now and again I caught a glimpse of there trainers.
Pivoting I headed into a large tunnel, knowing exactly what I was starting. Cupping a hand a hand to my mouth I waited until we were deep in the maze. When we had reached a good distance I whistled, loudly. A simple action that translated well into a command, attack the intruders.
As soon as the sound left my lips a huge flock of Zubat and Golbat swooped towards the pack.
"Find a mother way around! There are too many of them!" One of the trainers shouted.
"We have to drive her towards the boss. We have to push forward!" A second shouted voice growing distant as I ran. That would only buy me a bit of time, I had to keep moving.
Seeing the end of the tunnel I quickly made up my mind. Calling out to a few of the nearby Rock types, I pointed to the opening.
"Let me out then shut it off completely, don't let anyone out!" I ordered hoping onto one of the Onix's backs. He would be much faster than running on my own. It would also save me a bit of energy, energy that I didn't want to waste.
Hopping off at the entrance I silently thanked the Pokemon before dashing off again. I was close to where a hoard of Laron lived, and one of them would be bound to give me a lift.
"Lift?" I called, silently praying that one of them would answer my call. They didn't, however, an eager Ponita dashed up instead. She would do wonderfully.
"I kneed to get as far away from here as possible!" I said, pulling myself onto her back. Quickly she nodded, galloping down the trail at top speed.
Letting out a small laugh I sat straight up, wind blowing in my face as we rushed on.
I never understood why, but I loved them chaise. Anytime we were going after something or it was coming after us. It excited me to no end. That might have been weakness number one: Predictable Chaise Pattern.
I knew what weakness number two was as well, I spent so much time around Mount Chimney, I was ill adapted for colder weather.
"You're enjoying this aren't you?" A woman asked with a smirk, quietly sending out a Mightyena. The men beside her each sending out Poochyena.
"Rock Slide!" I called starting the Ponita out of the way. "Let's go Sacred Flame."
The order had simply been an assumption, but it had worked to some extent. I could hear yelling from the people as we dashed on.
"Impressive, you made it past Sydney." A larger man called calling out two slugma and a Macargo. "Unfortunately this is the end of the line for you."
Under normal circumstances he would have been right, the path was thin against the mountain and fell hard ion the other side. However I could feel the power in Sacred Flame, and a well-timed jump would have us over the wall of Pokemon.
Weakness number three right there: Overconfident. There was more than a high chance that the plan failed and we would ultimately fall to our death or she wouldn't jump. I didn't care, I was not being captured by these goons.
Timing it as we went I gently kicked Flame's haunches, and she lunged. As we hurtle forward I noticed it, the hard turn before the path widened. Missing the jump would have proven fatal, but the turn would be worse. The initial impact on the other side before we fell to our death. Not a way I wanted to go.
I was lucky as Sacred Flame managed to change direction and we entered the clear.
'This path is crazy, sometimes I wonder how trainers can take it. None of them have connected to the Pokemon here so wild Pokemon on top of the death drop.' I didn't have much time to think about it as a ball of fire narrowly missed my head.
"Macargo Ancient Power! Slugma Ember!" The man shouted causing my eyes to widen. That was likely combining to create the fireballs. This hunch was concerned as several more started raining down.
Before I could react Sacred Flame turned harder than I was expecting- tossing me off her back- and damaged towards the man. She was quickly joined by three Spinda who were disturbed by the falling rocks.
Not wanting to waste time I ran, hoping that I could at least reach Lavaridge Town, that way I could take cover in the hot springs.
Luck was not on my side that day as I soon noticed that the town was full of the goons from before. Hoping they hadn't seen me I turned, heading to go past the town. I had to lose them, this was a true test of wits and I was not about to lose it.
Lucky for me a second large Pokemon caught my eye. Scarmory, it would either fly me to a safer place or act as a distraction for the men following me. Of course, there was the chance that it attacked me, but I was willing to take the risk.
"Scarmory! Assistance, please! I called running up to it. I was beginning to tire and I knew I couldn't run for much longer. What I had not anticipated for was exactly what happened.
Scarmory lifted its head, yawned and went back to sleep. That was not helpful at all, in any sense of the word. It wasn't a distraction or a way out. It was just ignoring me.
My breathing was heavy and it burned, but I was not going to give up. "I kneed a mount!" I shouted smiling as a large Camerupt ran up. As I reached it lowered itself for me to get on.
What should have told me this was part of a trap was the simple fact that Camerupts were very uncommon on this side of Mount Chimney. The ones that did come from time to time were never that large.
"And our game is coming to an end." A new voice called, but I didn't mind. I was way too exhausted.
That was the final weakness I could name: when I burnt out, I burnt out completely.
"You must be quite exhausted, you must have been running for quite some time." The Man Chuckled lightly holding out a small berry. It was a Chesto Berry. "You are quite the formidable opponent the rumours said as much. But I was able to act on three out of four of your biggest weaknesses. Just like I can help you overcome them."

Right as my eyes flickered closed, they shot open. A thick layer of sweat had drenched my face, and my eyes were somewhat sore.
"Well, that was certainly surprising." A new voice chuckled from beside me. "Welcome to the world of the awake, my name is Will and I will be your guide."