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How I Met My Pokemon: Meeting My Delphy

by Cassidy Chuch

Cassidy Chuch This is the second part in a series about me meeting my Pokemon!
After a night with Lu-Lu, I wanted to see the Pokemon I chose from Professor Sycamore. I got dressed in some shorts and a T-Shirt and went downstairs. It was really early in the Morning, my Dad was never up at this time, but I saw him in the kitchen! I quietly walked through the kitchen. I didn't want to disrupt anything he was doing. I reached for the handle when my dad said "When are you going to show me your starter Pokemon?" He got up and noticed my Lu-Lu. "Is that your starter Pokemon? A Riolu?" My dad asked. "Nope, I'm going out to see what my New Pokemon is." I replied. I opened the door and went into the Courtyard, my dad followed. I took the Pokeball out of the pocket I left it in and I got ready to throw it. I took a quick look at Lu-Lu and I threw the Pokeball saying "Go, Pokemon!" Out of the Pokeball came an Adorable Fennekin! I was about to ask my dad what a Fennekin's Final Evolution was, but why not live in the Moment? "I'm going to call him Fenneke!" I said. "You know, his Final Evolution is Delphox. How about you name him something that matches his Final Evolution?" My dad suggested. After that I named him Delphy! I got a Pikachu and a Pichu to spar my Delphy and my Lu-Lu. The rest of the day was just us training and getting to know each other. My dad had to go to work but he said that I have a strong bond between Pokemon and Human, and he wants to keep it like that. Around 5:00pm I made some of my PokePellets to give to my Pokemon. Then I grabbed some food from the Fridge and ate it. We watched the Television for a while, until a Breaking News alert popped up and interupted the show. the Newswoman was afraid as she said "There is a Rouge Pikachu head towards Route 1! The owner of this Pikachu has a Reward of 5500 PokeCurrency for anyone who can catch this Pikachu." Then it changed back to the Show. I looked at my Pokemon and they looked at me. They nodded to me and I nodded back as we all ran out of the House.