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Meeting a Legend

by Il Fantasma

Il Fantasma Well, I wasn't able to post this to the "Stranded" RP, so it's going here! The original idea was for all of our characters to meet a Legendary Pokemon after getting stranded on an island, and mine met my all-time favorite- Regigigas! Feel free to read this, if you'd like! :p
The sun blasted its heat over the albino girl as she searched for some safe patch of shade. Poor Domino had wandered away from the group, since she had spotted something shiny, and got herself lost. Shielding her eyes from the now-plentiful glares of light that nearly blinded her any way she looked, she managed to find an opening in a cliffside- a cave. "Thank Arceus," she mumbled to herself, beginning to get a bit of a stomach ache as she rushed into the darkness.

Sitting on a rock, chin in her hands, Domino worried about where she was. What if I don't find them again? she wondered, brow furrowing. What if I get lost forever? Well, there's no way I'm going back out there... She glanced over at the cave's bright entrance as she thought this. Might as well explore.

The young female stood, running a hand across the rocky-but-smooth wall as she wandered deeper into this source of shade. She stopped abruptly, another thought entering her mind. What if this place is jam-packed with Zubats!? Oh, Arceus, please tell me it's not so! She continued on her way, slowing down just a tad. If only my precious cinnamon roll were here with me...

Yes, she called her Shieldon partner her 'precious cinnamon roll,' seeing as he was rather tiny and loved by all. Although she had one other, an East Sea Gastrodon, Cinnamon was more beloved due to the fact that Shieldons are fairly rare and really adorable. Well, they were adorable in her opinion, anyway.

Moving deeper and deeper inside, Domino began to hear a sort of chant from below her. Well, at least that doesn't sound like Zubats, she thought, smirking to herself, wondering what could be making the sound. "Let's go see!" she said out loud- maybe a bit too loudly, since the chanting paused. Uh-oh...

Even though the sound had ceased, the albino girl was determined to find its source. So, the cave nearly pitch-black now, she used the wall as a sort of guide to ensure her not running into anything, not even positive if she were taking a turn or not. Staying as quiet as she could, Domino wanted to see if the sound would continue.

And, what do you know, it did.

Sliding across the wall action-movie-style, Domino stopped in her tracks when the floor began to descend below her. Are these... stairs? she thought, eyes widening, reaching her right foot down, then her left, staying up against the wall the entire time.

Sure enough, a flight of stairs carved into the cave's rocky floor led underground. Unsure of where exactly it led, since the entire place was coated in darkness, she took her time moving on, step by step, downward.

This flight of stairs seemed to lead to a hallway, and the hallway to a room of light. The chanting was very much louder, now that it wasn't being muffled by the cave. Since the light filtered throughout most of the hall, Domino saw no point in hugging the wall anymore- the light was her new guide.

Pausing, she put a hand to her chin. "Hmm... See what that noise was, or explore more of the cave?" she debated, quietly. She remembered the way she had found this hall, how much she was unable to see. "See what the noise was," she decided, tiptoeing closer to the lighted room and taking a peek inside.

When the view came into her vision, her x-shaped eyes widened and a gasp escaped her lips.

"Are those Pokémon!?" she couldn't help but ask out loud. Thankfully, their chanting was louder, drowning out the sound of her voice. "Wha... How...?"

For, standing right in front of her face, stood four tall creatures. The three shorter ones joined their... hands?... together and created a small circle around the much-bigger one, chanting never faltering.

"That's incredible!" Domino said, walking into a room. She noticed that the light came from torches that were lit throughout the walls of the large room, letting these Legendary Pokémon see what they were doing.

The tallest Pokémon in the middle of the others spun slowly in place. When it finally faced Domino, it stopped. The other Legendaries let each other go and also faced the albino girl.

"U-uh..." Domino let out a shaky breath, unable to think of something to say for once in her life. "A-Am I interrupting s-something here? Oh, I-I'm terribly sorry..."

The middle Pokémon held an arm out in Domino's direction, pointing at her tiny frame. The icicle-like Legendary walked forward a step or two, stood there for a while.

Throwing her hands over her head, the albino girl shrunk back, not sure she wanted to know this odd group's intentions.

For a minute, Domino assumed the gesture was friendly. She slowly stood up straight again, letting her arms fall back to both her sides.

Then, Regice used Ice Beam.

Domino screamed. Bolting out of the room, she called back, "I DIDN'T MEAN TO WALK IN ON YOUR LITTLE RITUAL THING!"

That was the wrong thing to say. The shortest of the Regis, Regirock, ducked through the lit-up room's entrance, shooting a Stone Edge at the girl.

Rocks flew up from the cave's floor, a couple catching Domino and raising her closer and closer to the ceiling. For a split second, she was afraid her life would end right there, right then, that she'd be crushed for stumbling into the wrong room. But, thankfully, her small frame let her slide off the rocks and onto the floor, where she fell with an audible 'ooph.'

Struggling to get up in the rush, the young girl crawled, then stood and ran back up the stairs, the Pokémon who followed her bringing a torch so they didn't run into anything.

The tiny light from the tiny torch that the massive Regigigas carried allowed not only the three other Regis, but Domino as well to see all the stalagmites and potholes in the cavernous floor. Avoiding all these hazards, she now used the light at the entrance to guide her.

She had made it. Running as fast as her legs would carry her over the hot, hot sand, Domino spotted a sand dune, hiding behind it.

The four Regis emerged soon after her from the cave, but not so soon that they were able to see where she had run off to. All was still for a moment. Regice, Regirock, and Registeel gave up their relentless hunt, re-entering the cave, but Regigigas stayed put, looking out into the millions of golden yellow grains laid out before it.

Feeling daring, Domino peeked out from over the dune, seeing not four, not three, not even two, but one Legendary Pokémon looking her in the eye. Or, so she thought that's where it was looking. It doesn't really have eyes like a human or any other Pokémon, y'know.

They stared at each other for a full minute, the sun beating down on Domino's back and Regigigas' front, but neither cared.

Regigigas nodded to the young trainer. Then, it turned and followed its fellow Regis back into the cave.

Domino nodded in return, just before it disappeared from sight. Turning her back to the cave, she paused. Were those strange Pokémon those of legend? Had she really just encountered a Legendary Pokémon? Not even one! Four! Four Legendary Pokémon, all without trying! She had just wanted to get out of the sun! How crazy is that?

Standing, the albino girl looked back at the cave's open mouth, nodding once again, before venturing through the sand, her already-giant-sized smile growing as an oasis formed on the horizon.
  1. Il Fantasma
    Il Fantasma
    Apr 23, 2017
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    Alex The Hydreigon
    This is really good! Good job!
    Apr 23, 2017
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  3. Cloudswift
    Ooooohhhhhh... okay.
    Oct 6, 2016
  4. Il Fantasma
    Il Fantasma
    @AspenTR33 Oh! Well, I'm not entirely positive that would be such a good idea... See, not only was the thread exclusive for an RP group only, it is also against the rules to revive an RP thread, I believe... So sorry! D:
    Oct 6, 2016
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    Actually, I did mean the stranded one. HEY, maybe after I get off moderated and can ACTUALLY RP, I could try starting it over. If that's okay with you, of course.
    Oct 6, 2016
  6. Il Fantasma
    Il Fantasma
    @AspenTR33 Which one are you talking about? Out of the RPs I own, I do believe a few of them are dead (sadly), including the Atlantis, Kirby, and real life people in Pokemon one, but I could probably revive the Kirby one. (Can't be bothered with names rn. xD ) If you mean the Stranded one (which you probably don't), that one's been dead for a while.
    Oct 6, 2016
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    I don't know if your rp's open anymore... but if I were to want to try to start rping, could I maybe...? It wouldn't be right away, but just let me know if you're still letting people join, please. Thanks! :)
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