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meet the artist + some recent art

by magical.boy

tumblr_7828cf7bef62ac35903402dc886191b3_a092ff1a_1280.png 37997952_VrxBjpEp4v3U4Tu.png 38023575_pF2Rw6e9UG8TSKh.png 39086425_PvHXETE5TtZaMAB.png 38283925_sNGFR9EfSMcql6h.png
magical.boy i. did not feel like drawing fingers for my meet the artist this year so i just left it at mittens lol.

and then some busts / headshots of some characters (avarice, gin, and grapebelly , respectively) and a new ref for fallfoot because his last reference was from like. early 2020
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