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Meet Catmoon and Doggo.

by Popplio

Bad Catmoon!.png
Popplio Right, first you need to know about how these two know eachother~ Well, it all started when Doggo looked up at the sky. There was the moon like always. But with a.. Cat face?! He then met Catmoon. A little cat that somehow can be on the moon. Now little Catmoon here likes Doggo, she wants to be friends with him. The sad thing is, Doggo can't be friends with Catmoon! His family don't allow dogs to be friends with cats! Catmoon still follows him around doe. Now to the OCs!

A little cat who can travel to the moon. She tries to be friends with him. Sometimes she even get into danger while following him around! Catmoon thinks that if she tries hard enough, she can be friends with this dog.

A dog, of course. His family has always told him that cats are enemies. But now, a little cat that is up at the moon. Tries to be friends with him?! He knows that she follows him. And without her knowing, he always keep her alive. But secretly. How can he even explain that he has a cat following him?! And he wants to be friend with the cat?! But deep in his soul. He still believes that when he tries, he can be friend with this cat. No need to worry about what they said.
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