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Character Bios: Medieval Sarah Blackwell

by EmoKitty21

EmoKitty21 This is a bio for a character I am working on. She is for my D&D pokemon RP.
Name: Sarah Blackwell
Alias: Red Rose
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Class: Rogue, Warlock
Looks: Sarah stands at 5'3" tall. She has a very petite build. She is soft yet toned. She has pale skin with a yellowish tint to it. Her eyes are slightly slanted, giving her an asian look to them. The irises of her eyes are a bright vivid pink. It is from a rare genetic from her father's side of the family. Her hair is pulled up into half updo. She has two strands of hair that frame her face as is shorter then the rest of her hair. Which comes to her lower back. The color of her hair is bit unusual as it is a dark purple color. On her right arm is a grayscale brickwall sleeve tattoo. It has black vines running across it. The vines have dark red roses that are the only color shown on the tattoo.
Clothing: Sarah wears a black short dress. It comes to the mid thigh and has a victorian feel to it. On the dress she wears a black corset that has a black rose and bone pattern to it. She pairs this with a black victorian jacket that is open and is longer in the back. It is lined with lace on the bottom of the jacket and sleeves. The jacket has a hood that she will sometimes put up when she wants to be less conspicuous. She wears a pair of black leather pants and combat type boots that come to the mid calf. On her neck she wears a white bone like choker that had vines wrapped around the arms. The hands of the choker hold a red diamond like gem in the shape of a rose.
Personality: Sarah is very laid back. Most of the time Sarah is calm and level headed. She tends to think things through before she acts. Sarah is very sweet to her friends and family. She can be a force to reckon with when she is made an enemy of someone. Sarah has a soft spot for childern and go out of her way to help. Sarah has a calling card that she leaves when she performs a job. It is a red rose with a black stem. Pokemon that are small and cute tend to make her pause and want to take them with her. Sarah is extremely protective of the innocents. She tends to be very motherly towards smaller creatures.
Alliances: She has a few favors she can pull from nobles that she had done a few favors for.
Enemies: Erick Gathrock. He was a an older gentleman who work as a scout with Sarah's father. He had a major part in the demise of Jack and Jane Blackwell
Connections: She has a few favors she can call in from various sources. She knows people who deal in shady things and is not affraid to pull in a favor or two. She also knows of few ways to call forth an Alolan Marowack who tends to lend her help from time to time.
Weapon of choice: Sarah has a few weapons she likes to use. She has two hand crafted daggers that she and her father had made when she was younger. They are made of a black material that seems to shine in the darkness. The hilt of them seem to be made of some type of bone She has two more daggers in her corset that are very well hidden. In her boots she has a set of throwing knives. She has a well made one handed crossbow strapped to her waist by the dagger. On her back she has a bladed bone stave. She is able to use it very effectively in close combat.
Alignment: Neutral.
Pokemon: Shiny female Buneary, and Umbre the Umbreon.
Backstory: Sarah is the oldest of three children. She is the daughter of two very caring parents. Her father was a great scout. He was loved by many in their village. He helped many find things lost in the woods. The main things he had found were people, pokemon, and lost items. When Sarah was 8 her father brought home an egg. He helped his daughter to rase and care for the small pokemon that came from it. It turned out to be a shiny Buneary. Sarah's mother was an apothecary. She helped many people in the village with her potions. She did not make much of a profit. She passed down the craft to her kids. Sarah had a knack for identifying poison and how to create them. Her mother was glad about this as she knew her daughter would make a living and a name for herself with some of the markets in neighboring villages. Sarah took to the woods with her father he taught her many things. She learned how to track and stealthily move about without alerting anyone to her presence. One day she had heard a noise she had hid from her father and mother who were out in the woods gathering supplies to take home. A young man with a scar across his eye attacked both of her parents they had no chance. He left them alone to die. Sarah rushed to there side and wept as both of them said their last words. "We love you Sarah. Take care of your brother and sister." She had stayed there for a long time. So long that it turned from day to night. A green flame could be seen coming from the shadows in the trees. Out of the darkness a pokemon appeared. It was an Alolan Marowack. She sensed the grief Sarah felt for her parents and wanted to help her get the revenge on the one who had done it. She sensed a great potential in her. The Marowack decided to lend a hand and aid in her quest. She lent her powers to her. As the pact was made and Sarah accepted the help, her vision started to get clearer. She was able to see better in the darkness. She then from that day forward worked on her fighting skills. She was taken under the wing of an old assassin from her village. He taught her the tricks of his trade. He felt for her and her story. He had lost his parents as well to some useless blood shed. Sarah had developed a name for herself throughout the kingdoms. She was called Red Rose by those who have heard of her calling card. The only thing left from her kills is a single red rose left in the right hand of the body.
Pokemon's Backstory: The shiny Buneary had been a gift from her father. He was a kind man who looked after others and protected those who are in need. One day he found a dying lopunny. She had been badly wounded and it was too late to take care of her wounds. She entrusted her egg to the last kind creature she saw. That person was Sarah's father. He in turn entrusted it to his oldest daughter. She cared for the small bunny pokemon like it was her own child. Through their bond, Sarah learned what it meant to care for others.

Umbre was a sprite guide. He was sent by the Alolan Marowack to help aid in Sarah's quest to find the man who killed her parents. Umbre is a sweet and loving pokemon who will protect others. He is the reincarnated sprite of Sarah's father. The Marowack wanted to help ease the pain somewhat and sent this pokemon to help. Umbre has since then been with Sarah and will not leave her side unless it is to protect someone Sarah cares for.
  • Sarah is able to detect and use poisons. She had been taught by her mother. Who was a great apothecary.
  • She is very agile and limber. She is able to scale buildings, climb trees and do things like that with ease. It come her years of training in the forest with her father.
  • Sarah had spent a long time when she was younger working on her athletic moves. In modern times she would be considered a gymnast.
  • She has some magic from the pact she had made with the Alolan Marowack.
  • She is able to see better then most in the darkness thanks to the pact she had made.
Extra info:

I am tagging a few who are also in the RP. Please let me know what you think of this character. She is still a bit of a work in progress.
@Merciless Medic
  1. Red Gallade
    Red Gallade
    I like her, seeing her bio makes me want to add a few
    minor tweaks to my char, mainly just giving him his alias mentioned in his backstory.
    Aug 6, 2019
  2. EmoKitty21
    Thanks EviumZ. I wanted you to see it because you had shown interest in the RP. I am glad you like her though.
    Aug 6, 2019
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  3. EeviumZ
    I don't know much about the RP but this sounds really interesting. I love it :)
    Aug 6, 2019