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Meaning of Existence

by ExoFlashFire

ExoFlashFire A Zoroark encounters a Xerneas, who then learns the truth on why he lingers to fight until the end.
Know all Fauna and Flora are made without similarities, differences bound between each of their essences and physique.

Even if that one intangible soul has a derive for the lust of most common of assassins and brawlers.

Strands of black fur were tainted with the most sanguine of blood, attached to a beast who lingered for combat in every form it took the presence of. Fighting is viewed as an artform that diverges completely from sculpting and painting, due to how much concentration and detail you put in to your every attack...quoted by the Illusionist himself. Like any art, it would conclude beautifully, especially in the Zoroark's eyes. A Haxorus, steadfast and focused intently on the fox, stood across him in a stanced position.

"Crepuscular heart... I shall force you to cower over my well-being, so you will bring death no more!"

A small smile cracked on the Zoroark's lips, eyes unveiling a rather weak radiance of a red hue. His ponytail was blown in the hearth of a small breeze, gradually growing in the tense field. The fox experienced happiness, because it was uncommon to be asked for a battle. He'd have to force his opponent to fight to the death, which strengthened his infamous reputation and physical might each day. It was but a question why any Pokemon would challenge him.

"Heh.. I applaud your valiance, dragon. But I'll end this quickly...Sucker Punch.."

Zoroark disappeared in a flash,appearing with his opponent behind him, trembling and grasping his stomach in a flux of pain, before falling unconscious. Spared. How rare he'd spare his opponent's life, but he sought no reason to kill him now, apparently. The Illusion Pokemon quickly absconded into the depths of the forest in search for food, yet had a strange encounter upon reaching the center of it. A mammalian beast stood before him, sporting antlers that radiantly flickered a multitude of colors. Xerneas, the Legendary Pokemon of Life. Something Zoroark disliked.

"I've spectated you in each and every battle you had participated in. You deserve life no longer!" The deity roared out in rage.

The fox clenched a fist, flames surrounding it. Fire Punch, another melee based move in his moveset, which consisted of a balanced offensive variety of attacks. He hesitated to attack, there was a question he'd request. Zoroark knew his speed greatly outclassed Xerneas; using this and illusions to escape was no bother.

"I have a question before my so-called demise...what is the true meaning of my existence if I was meant to kill?"

The Pokemon of Life staggered and stepped back. She hadn't known why, aside the fact killing was all he'd have come to done. Closing her eyes, he examined the mind of the predatory assassin, to find he'd meant something more than a bloodthirsty-minded behemoth.

"It surprises me, to say you seek the thirst of battle, knowing to avenge a former comrade from his demise. To kill his assailant, is that what you fight for?"

He quickly stepped back. She knew. He nodded in agreement, and the two calmed down from the previously tense situation. Zoroark's meaning of existence was purely for vengeance, though his lust for fighting would blind him from seeing his true goals in life.

"Do not kill and take your rage or your bloodlust into combat when it is completely unnecessary. Do so, and I will take your life- huh?"

A master of illusions knew he had no time to listen. Disappearing without a trace of his existence, the Zoroark fled in isolation. He must keep on fighting, it was what he was meant to do. For himself and for others; no one can stop him from what he wants to do. That is the meaning of his existence.