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by Kim_Rose_Elf

Kim_Rose_Elf Here is me listen to music.:love::D:) I was drawing and 2007-2015.
And my birthday coming up in 29 days of April.:)
This site make me feel happy and I know you all like this site to.:);)
I also have a sister have the same birthday just like me.:)
My Favorite thing in the site is Artwork and Trainer Cards.:)
The one who following me I love you all so much.:D:):love:
I still doing the Main Character of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Manga.:);)
Bum-Ka Chapter 1 on youtube page 5-13
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  1. Kim_Rose_Elf
    I hope you all enjoy:);)
    Apr 1, 2015
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  2. Kim_Rose_Elf