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Me-as Bluefeather-Warriors story

by Bluefeather

Bluefeather So, I am a fan of Warriors so I wrote this story as a fan writing but it's about me, and my friends. Enjoy!
Hello! Welcome! I’m Bluefeather and this story is about me and my BFFLs. It’s about our adventures and journeys, and everything in between. Even that time we go stuck in a hedgehog hole. Ha! That was classic. This story is about all of that. But it also has the most important part ever. When we met. So get ready, this is going to better that a blackbird.

Our story begins in the lush undergrowth in the territory of shadowclan. I was sent on a hunting patrol on the day of the gathering.

I was really happy because it was going to be my first. I had been dreaming about this since I was a kit.

Oh, wait, did I mention i’m an apprentice here? Well I am.

I was dreaming about the big area, all the clans, the leaders, and meeting the other apprentices.

I heard thunderclan is the worst, that’s what the elder, Crowfrost says. He says their vicious and cruel. I know I shouldn't listen to such an old cat, but… anyway, this part is cool, so hang on.

Bluepaw crouched and opened her mouth to scent the air. She turned around and crouched, a juicy vole was sitting under the oak. Bluepaw put on paw in front of the other and then…

“Hey Bluepaw! What are you doing?”

The vole scampered and ran away. Bluepaw turned around to see Onepaw grinning at her.

“What in Starclan are you doing here Onepaw?” Bluepaw asked.@.@

“You scared away my vole!”

“Oopsie, I was only stopping to say hi. You see, i’m going to the sandy hollow to practice battle moves with Willowwing.”

“Oh, are you?” Bluepaw challenged.:\=|:

“Yeah, I am.” Onepaw responded.

Bluepaw suddenly jumped on Onepaw’s back and cuffed her on the ear. Onepaw yowled and fell over on her side. Willowwing chose that minute to push through the brambles to see what was going on. Bluepaw jumped off Onepaw.

“What was that?” Willowwing cornered.

Bluepaw gazed over at Onepaw.

“We were just practicing battle moves.”

“Well,” Willowwing said. “That’s just what Onepaw was going to be taught, so come on Onepaw.”

Onepaw took one look at Bluepaw then pushed through the brambles following Willowwing. Why can’t any cats have friends around here?” Bluepaw thought.:(

Bluepaw looked around and quickly spotted another vole. She killed it with one quick swift blow to the neck and buried it under earth. Quickly she caught another vole, and a sparrow. Sandstep padded over to Bluepaw.

“Good job Bluepaw!”

“Thanks Sandstep.”:blush:

“It’s time we head back to camp.”


Bluepaw picked up her prey and padded over to where the cats were gathering.

Silverfoot nodded appreciatively at Bluepaw.;) Littlepaw stared at her and then turned away. He had only caught a small mouse, and a scrawny vole. It made sense that her half-brother would be angry. They all treked back to camp, their paws padding softly on the pine floor. As Bluepaw walked through the tunnel, She spotted Sharppaw with Blackpaw heading toward the elders den with moss in their jaws. Moonstar was sitting on the branch hanging above the clearing. Skyfeather was padding to the warriors den yawning, he must have been chosen to go to the gathering,
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  1. Bluefeather
    I re-post this because I found flaws Everywhere! And I wrote more for ya'll. :D
    Oct 26, 2015