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Me and My Team (Trainer Card?)

by Arc of the Half-Moon

TEAM-ARCAH 720p.png
Arc of the Half-Moon I was bored and looking for a way to spend the evening after work, so I decided to download the entire PKMN.NET sprite resource and just go to town in GimpShop. I think it turned out pretty nice for my first time screwing around with sprites, but I just wanna see what other people think.

For myself, I took the hair of a Bird Keeper (HGSS), the face of a Super Nerd (also HGSS), and the trench coat of a Veteran (BW) and I recolored it all to create a pretty decent resemblance, whether you'd believe it or not. All the Pokémon sprites were taken from Gen 5 with the exception of Sableye who was taken from Mystery Dungeon. It was the only sprite that was even remotely to scale, but it didn't mesh well with everything else, so it had to be completely recolored. All of the text was assembled by hand.

I suppose it could pass for a trainer card, perhaps with a couple of slight tweaks. This is my actual team in OmegaRuby, and beginning from the left their nicknames are:
  • Matka Pluku (Female; Czech for "Mother of the Corps" and a Metal Gear reference)
  • Diamond (Female; the unbreakable gem-imp)
  • Ziggy (Male; the star, the 'hero')
  • Samba (Female; because her Outrage is like an intense and passionate dance)
  • Visco (Male; after Tony Visconti, a "Spider from Mars" to back up Ziggy)
  • Thorne (Male; the least most creative name of all)