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BFFS of Me: Me and My Friends Meet #1

by BLOO Muffin

BLOO Muffin I accidentally burned a Glaceon and I try to heal her
I am Spirit the Braixen and I am a fire type. I am looking for a trainer but this is my story of how i met Shiny Glaceon.
I was walking in the forest for berries but I heard footsteps and I took out my stick I started to wave it then I shot out fire. I heard it scream and every Pokèmon flew and ran away I walked up to that mysterious yelling Pokèmon and it was a Glaceon! I picked her up and tried to heal it but I couldn't and I went to a Pokèmon Center but the Chansey for that center closed it "Is it open??" I asked "Sorry,It isn't I just closed now." Chansey said. I got worried. The Glaceon opened her eyes and used ice beam on me. I followed her and spied on her. She had the most beautiful house ever "Hey Glaceon." I said "Hey Braixen. Have you been following me?" "No" I said. Then she started to show me around the house and we then became friends. Well that is the story of how I got my friend Glaceon next story Thunder the Pikachu. ;)