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maybe I shouldn’t get attached to them

by HeyItsPip

HeyItsPip a bunch of peeps for a nuzlocke I’m doing. yes it is loomian legacy. currently I’m stuck and I have to wait until next update but here’s the gang

Peri (Reptide) LV 25: Hyper
Edible Ankle “Eddie” (Terrafly) LV 22: Tender and Clever
Poki (Twittle) LV 14: Foolish and Nimble
Gabe (Whispup) LV 14: Tender and Smart

the thing is that I’m grinding all to lv 25 but the things I’m killing don’t give a ton of exp and it’s annoying and both Poki and Gabe can’t withstand them-
  1. GalaxyEspeon
    So swag
    Aug 2, 2021