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Maya (basically a humanized beholder)

by IDKWhatUserNameToDo

IDKWhatUserNameToDo So this is a character I made for a Monster Prom RP, which has been a blast so far.

She's some sort of a Beholder thing, but more humanoid looking.
  1. Cmeriwether
    Same applies for the Half Gold Dragon, I would like to see how she turns out!
    Jul 28, 2020
  2. Red Gallade
    Red Gallade
    I ain't forcing you to do it, of course. :)

    And just in case, you have my permission to make my flamboyant vampire.
    Jul 22, 2020
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  3. IDKWhatUserNameToDo
    I might draw the other characters, but I gotta ask the others for permission lol and I'll probably do it once I have more time on my hands
    Jul 22, 2020
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  4. Red Gallade
    Red Gallade
    Can't believe I only discovered it until now, nice work, she looks cute. ♥

    Not that I'm asking you to, but do you plan to draw the other guys or just your own character? (Sry, curious.)
    Jul 22, 2020
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  5. Gamingfan
    Eyes on the back of your....back.
    Jul 9, 2020
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