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Steven Universe: The Earth Mission- Origins: Maw Sit Sit- The Life

by Sciencewars

Sciencewars This is a reimagining of @The Ringmaster 's Maw Sit Sit's backstory in @Hisseki 's SU Rp! Hope you like!
Who am I?
Maw Sit-Sit.
Where am I?
Gem colony E-9TH, Prime Kindergarten.
What is my purpose?
. . .

A smiling figure clawed her way out of a hole in the dark blue and black mineral. This was Maw Sit Sit. The gem sat on the ground, viewing the depths of holes and injectors. What distracted her the most was the sky. Looking at the sky made her forget it all.
She was back on earth. Green was everywhere. Dust settled through the open field as Maw ran through it, small animals scattering alongside her. She had been hypnotized by the life. She had forgot her purpose. Animals and these creatures called "humans" were so great, she couldn't imagine leaving.
"Maw Sit Sit." Here she was before this shining figure, here to take her home. Maw had heard of her before, in all of her glory. It was her. No matter how much she loved earth and all the animals and humans and plants and sky, she had to go. Nobody, not even her, could disobey a diamond.
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  1. Il Fantasma
    Il Fantasma
    Oh, man! That's Maw, alright! Nice job! :D
    Nov 8, 2016