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Martin Septim

by baratron

Martin Septim collage 2.png
baratron Martin Septim is the main NPC in the game Oblivion. You may be wondering how come I've uploaded a collage of screenshots and called it "art". Well, Oblivion was released in 2006 and it's ugly. Really ugly. You have been warned ugly.

Martin is an Imperial priest of Akatosh (a good god) who finds out that he is the last remaining heir to the throne after the entire royal family is killed by followers of one of the universe's evil gods. He needs to use everything he's ever learned, both as a priest and a mage, in order to save the world. He is absolutely adorable - very intelligent, often seen with a book - and he doesn't deserve what the story dumps on him.

It took me about an hour and a half to recreate Martin's face and features in Elder Scrolls Online. Then it took me several months of levelling to get to the point where he could use this particular set of armour. It's a mixture of Imperial and Breton styles, dyed to resemble Martin's utterly hideous Emperor's armour from Oblivion - only golden, rather than YELLOW. Everything you see in the picture has been carefully created by me to best match his armour from Oblivion.