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Martian War: Martian War 2

by GalacticMurder

GalacticMurder Harry continues his training for the Mars Defense Force, but what can be expected?
Sergeant Dave sounds the bell in the barracks. Sergeant Dave says, "Get your battle gear on and get your guns loaded! We have an alien attack at base and we need to get to our designated area as soon as possible!" The cadets get their battle gear on and loaded their guns. Sergeant Dave says, "Follow me, men!" The cadets followed the sergeant. They got outside the barracks. A man in the back of the line says, "Hey, there's nothing here!" Sergeant Dave says, "It was just a drill. Welcome to your second day of military training! Since you're all ready in combat gear, we should just start with our hand-to-hand combat now! Follow me!" The cadets followed the sergeant to the combat ring. The sergeant says, "Pick your partner. You will be sparring against them." Jeff says, "Harry, over here." Harry walks over to Jeff. The sergeant says, "I want to see what you guys can do when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Ready?" The cadets says, "Yes, sir!" Sergeant Dave says, "Begin!" Jeff and Harry take a fighting stance. Harry thinks, "He left his center exposed." Harry quickly does a punch and Jeff grabs his fist and flips Harry. He fell hard to the ground. Harry thinks, "I think he wanted me to punch him there." Harry gets up and takes a fighting stance again. Jeff does a fast kick. Harry blocks it but the kick was so hard Harry was knocked to the ground. Harry thinks, "I have to dodge that." Harry gets up. Harry feinted with the right hand and punches him with the left. Harry thinks, "That's the first blow I landed on him! But it's not enough." Jeff jumps into the air and kicks. He blew Harry back far. Harry got up. Sergeant Dave says, "Times up! I will teach you the basic part of the Mars Defense Force's martial art. There are 7 parts that are targets: the head, the neck, the torso, the arms and the legs. Got it?" The cadets say, "Yes, sir!" The sergeant says, "When in stance, you keep your elbows in, your fists high, and keep your chin down. You keep your feet at shoulder width and have the left foot back. Understood?" The cadets says, "Yes, sir!" Sergeant Dave says, "Remember, when you make a fist, don't squeeze your thumb. You'll be fighting your partner again. Ready?...Begin!" Jeff punches with his front hand. Harry blocks it and punches him in the face. Jeff is knocked back and onto the ground. Sergeant Dave says, "Time's up! Good job! We're moving to the firing range. Line up and move out!" They walk over to the firing range. Sergeant Dave says, "This gun is the XH-20. It holds up to 60 shots. This small gun will be your sidearm. This is the XH-10. It holds up to 20 shots. Who wants to go first?" Harry walks up and picks up the XH-20. Sergeant Dave says, "Computer, create 5 targets." 5 virtual targets pop-up on the firing range. Sergeant Dave says, "Begin!" Harry fires a burst of 2 shots and hits the first target. Then fires one shot and hits the second target. He continues to fire and eventually gets all of them. Sergeant Dave says, "8 seconds, good." The cadets continue after each other until they're finished. After the last cadet has finished they head back to the barracks. Sergeant Dave says, "Tomorrow we're going to do combat simulations. Get some rest, you'll need it." Jeff says, "My body feels sore from today's training." Harry says, "Me too." They both head to their beds to rest for the night.

Harry wakes up to the blaring of the alarm. He can hear through the intercom someone saying something. He's saying, "Alert! This is not a drill! Get to your designated carrier and escape the base. We're being overrun by the Martians! Alert! Get to yo- Ahhhhh!!!" Sergeant Dave enters the room and says, "Get whatever you need quickly, we need to escape with our lives." They exit the barracks. Aliens are everywhere. The sound of guns and screams can be heard everywhere. Sergeant Dave says, "Run, run, run! Our carrier is over there!" They ran quickly but are stopped by an alien that jumps in front of them. It's claw spears Sergeant Dave. His blood got all over the ground around him. The alien lets out a loud screech. Jeff says, "Oh, no! We're going to die!" Harry says, "No, we won't!" Harry picks up the gun the sergeant was carrying and shoots the alien. Jeff takes out a knife and jumps onto the alien. He stabs it in the neck. The blood comes gushing out of it. The alien tosses Jeff into the air. He lands on the ground. He's dead. Harry yells, "No!!!" Harry continues to shoot the alien while dodging its attacks. Then, a car hits the alien. The soldier says, "3 of you can fit in the car, you, you and, you. Get in. The rest of you wait here, a truck will get here that will fit all of you." Harry gets in with 2 other cadets. The soldier drives them over to their carrier. The soldier says while shooting at aliens, "Get in, the truck is almost here with the others." The truck arrives and everyone quickly gets in. The soldier says, "You guys are being taken to Mars 2, our second military base." The carrier flies off with other carriers along with it.

After the 6 hour non-stop flight, they finally arrived to Mars 2. It's the base that Commander Tom is at. Commander Tom says, "Hello, cadets! Welcome to Mars 2! You will continue your training as it was planned but for now, get some rest. Your sergeant will show you your designated barracks." The sergeant with Harry says, "Hello, I am Sergeant Greg, follow me to the barracks." They walk over to the barracks. Sergeant Greg says, "Rest for now. We'll be going to the simulation in an hour." Harry thinks, "Jeff and Dave are dead now. These aliens are really dangerous. We must push them to extinction before they destroy humans on Mars." An hour passes. Sergeant Greg walks into the room and says, "Suit up, troopers, we're heading to the simulation room." They walk over to the simulation room. Sergeant Greg says, "Computer, create a small house, place 1 hostage, and create 5 human defenders. Your objective is to rescue the hostage. The first four go. Harry is your team captain. Ready? Begin!" Harry says, "Guys, follow me." They walk down a hall. Harry says, "Two guys around the corner. You, take down the one on the right, I'll take left." They shoot at the targets, and take them down. They continue walking, then go up the stairs. Harry says, "I think the last three are in this room. Ready? 3...2...1...GO!" They go in and get gunned down. All four of them were taken down. Sergeant Greg says, "Computer, end simulation." Sergeant Greg looks at the four and says, "Be prepared for the next 8 weeks with me, you'll go through something terribly hard."