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Martian War: Martian War 1

by GalacticMurder

GalacticMurder On Mars, a boy wants to join the Martian military to defend the humans on Mars against the Martians. But he has to go through training first.
On the year 2125 on Earth, the world's population is increasing really quick, while old age is really common because of the advanced technology. The United States decides to establish the first colony on Mars. On the year 2127, the first Martian colony is established. The first task the colony was assigned was to terraform Mars. What the humans are doing awaken an ancient alien species that were frozen underground. A simple, but dangerous species. Could the humans survive or will the Martians take their home planet?

One morning, an 18 year old boy named Harry wakes up to the sound of banging outside. When he looks outside the street had a silver, hairy, bug-like creatures attacking people on the streets. The militia was attacking the creature that was in front of his house. Harry went downstairs with his gun. He loaded the battery into his gun. He came out through the door and blasted the creature. The gun made a loud ,high pitched sound when fired. The militiamen fight for about 20 minutes until the Mars Defense Force comes. They are a military trained especially for combat on Mars and space near Mars. "Go, go ,go!" screamed one of the soldiers as they came out of the carrier ship. The loud blasting sound can be heard throughout the neighborhood. The creature soon gets tired and is badly injured after taking lots of blasts. It then collapses to the ground. Harry asks one of the soldiers, "Is it dead?" The soldier replies, "I don't know." The soldiers get back to their ship and return to base. The militiamen return to their daily lives. "Harry!" yells a man. "What?" he asks. It was Harry's brother, Joe, he is a 25 year old weapons technology developer.
Joe says, "Someone is on the phone for you." Harry and Joe head to the house and Joe hands Harry the phone. "Hello." Harry says. "Hello, Harry." says a man with a deep voice on the phone. "Who are you?" asks Harry. The man responds, "I'm Commander Tom of the Mars Defense Force and I'm recruiting young men with no occupation to join the Mars Defense Force." Harry says, "I'll think about it, commander." Tom says, "I hope you join us." The phone call ends. Harry says,"Joe, should I join?" Joe says, "I'll leave that decision to you." Harry goes up stairs to look up more about the Mars Defense Force on his computer. Harry says to himself, "It says they do defense against the Martians, fight terrorists, do law enforcement, and are used as a task force. I guess they do everything military related on Mars." Harry reads some more. Harry says, "They have some of the best weapons around." Harry
calls Commander Tom. Harry says, "Commander, I'm joining." Tom says, "Alright, we'll get you tomorrow to start your training." Harry says, "Thank you." As Harry ends the call a loud crash comes from outside. Harry runs down stairs to see what happened. Harry sees the alien attacking the cars on the streets. Harry says, "Another Martian!" Harry runs to get his gun.Harry says, "I wonder what they want that's here!" Harry shoots the alien with his gun. The sound of the gun can be heard by many. Harry thinks, "I wonder how they're getting in here." His brother comes out of the house holding a gun that Harry has never seen before. The gun was big and held like a shoulder-fired rocket launcher. Harry asks , "What is that?" Joe yells, "Just get down!" Joe presses the trigger and a blue beam shoots out of the barrel. The blast hits the monster on the face. After the blast stops, they see the result of the blast. Harry says, "It's head is gone!" Joe says, "This is the gun I'm working on. It only has a few problems like overheating." Harry says, "By the way, I've decided to join the Mars Defense Force." Joe says, "I hope you made the right choice." The day soon ends.

The next day arrives. Joe says, "Harry, wake up. The military will be here in 20 minutes. I've finished packing your things before they get here." Harry says, "What time is it?" Joe says, "3 in the morning." Harry says, "Alright, I'll change out of my sleep wear." Harry finishes preparing and heads down to wait for the bus that will take him. He waits for 7 minutes, and the bus has arrived. Joe says, "Goodbye, Harry!" Harry says, "Bye, Joe." Harry steps on the bus. He sees a lot of people his age about to be taken to the military base. The bus stops at a military carrier ship base. Everyone gets off the bus and heads to the carrier ship they were assigned to go to. A soldier says, "Alright, recruits! Sit down and get your seat belts on! The oxygen supply and parachutes are behind you incase of emergencies! Get ready for a long ride!" The carrier takes off after everyone is ready. Harry can see through the window Mars' landscape. Harry thinks, "I haven't been outside my giant dome for a long time." Harry listens to the radio and the person over the radio says, "You guys have to go here within 30 minutes or you'll be caught in a dust storm." Harry's heart starts beating fast. Harry asks the soldier, "How long will it be until we get to the military base?" The soldier responds, "About 20 minutes." Harry thinks, "Well, I hope nothing causes a delay." 20 minutes pass. The soldier says, "We have arrived to Mars 1, our first military base on Mars." Harry asks the soldier, "What's your name?" The soldier says, "My name is Sergeant Dave." Dave tells everyone, "Go to the barracks and go get some rest. Your training starts in an hour." Harry heads down to the barracks with the others. Harry thinks, "These people were quiet when we were in the carrier, now they seem to be talking a lot. I think the dust storm has arrived. I can't see anything through the dome but dust." Harry walks up to a man about 22 years old. Harry thinks, "If I'm going to be here for a while then I should have a friend." Harry says, "Hey, I'm Harry." The man says, "I'm Jeff." Harry says, "So, why did you sign up to join the Mars Defense Force?" Jeff says, "I want to defend our people from the freaks that roam this planet. How about you?" Harry says, "Well, I'm looking for an opportunity to be able to be something. I chose to become a soldier." A loud bell starts sounding off in the barracks. Sergeant Dave walks into the room, then turns off the bell. Sergeant Dave says, "Attention, cadets! We're going to do a 10 lap jog around the base. After that we're going through the obstacle course! I expect all of you will be capable of doing this! Get into your uniform! You have 2 minutes!" After everyone has changed into their uniform they walk outside. Sergeant Dave says, "Form a single file line behind me! Ready?" The cadets respond, "Yes, sir!" Sergeant Dave says, "Prepare to jog!" They jog for about 2 laps around the base. Almost everyone is tired. Sergeant Dave says, "Did I say you guys can stop jogging?" The cadets say, "No, sir!" The sergeant says, "Then keep moving!" At the fifth lap they stop. Sergeant Dave says, "I'll give you a 5 minute break to get water and rest." Harry goes to his bag to get a water bottle. He sits on a bench. Jeff says, "I feel awful right now." Harry says, "We have 5 more laps to go." Sergeant Dave calls the cadets back. Sergeant Dave says, "Single file line!" They start jogging again. After the tenth lap, they have another 5 minute rest before they move on to the obstacle course. After the 5 minutes Sergeant Dave brings the cadets to the obstacle course. Sergeant Dave says, "Corporal, come over here and show them how the obstacle course is done!" The cadets look at the corporal swiftly finish the obstacle course with amazement. Sergeant Dave says, "Begin, soldiers!" The cadets run through the first obstacle and then the second. Soon, the first cadet finishes the obstacle course. After going through the obstacle course they return the the barracks to rest for the day. Sergeant Dave says, "Tomorrow we're going to the firing range and do hand-to-hand combat." The cadets rest for the night.
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  1. GalacticMurder
    Thanks for the advice. [o]> <-Salute if you can't see.
    Nov 7, 2015
  2. NocturnalNetwork
    Hey, I suggest you separate tt makes the speech from the narration, it makes the text way easier to read.
    Something like:


    Someone shrugged.
    Oct 25, 2015
  3. GalacticMurder
    It's likely there will be another part since the story isn't finished.
    Apr 11, 2015
  4. Thomas Runner
    Thomas Runner
    this was SOOOO good, will there be a sequel?
    Apr 11, 2015