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by Sy Kage

Sy Kage Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar, Tepig and Fennekin come together for a camp out in the bush. But what happens when the marshmallow packet is opened?
"Where is everyone else?" Charmander asked Cyndaquil. "They said they would be here."
The sun set over the horizon as the light slowly faded.
"Want me to start the fire?" Cyndaquil asked Charmander.
"Sure," Charmander replied. "I'll set up the tent."
Cyndaquil rolled onto his back as the fire on his body spread on the sticks already laid out. Footsteps could now be heard.
"Who's that?" asked Charmander as he walked out of the set-up tent, just checking to make sure his tail didn't touch the fabric.
"Just me!" a voice yelled. Then Torchic appeared from the bush, holding a packet in her beak.
"Oh, you got the marshmallows?" said Cyndaquil. "I thought it was Chimchar's job."
"It was," said a voice, as the orange ape followed Torchic out of the bush. "Torchic insisted she carries it."

"The others should be here by now," uttered Charmander, growing restless. "Can we have the marshmallows now?"
"No, not yet." Torchic gave a giggle. "You know how Tepig will react."
"Can we atleast have a rest in the tent?" asked Cyndaquil. "We won't set fire to anything!"
"Well, I guess that WOULD be okay," said Torchic. "But you can't promise about the setting fire to anything part."
"Okay," said the boys, and with that they ran into the tent, being careful not to have the embers on them touching the fabric. Torchic followed not long after.
"They can't touch it, or the others will be angry," Torchic muttered, putting the packet of marshmallows in her rucksack.

Fennekin and Tepig crept into the tent while the other flaming Pokemon snored in their slumber.
"Did they notice us before?" Tepig asked Fennekin. "Did they see us in the tree?"
"I don't think so." Fennekin giggled. "Otherwise they would've started eating already. Don't ask me how they didn't see that fat body of your's."
"Hey!" yelled Tepig in a quiet way as Fennekin darted past the sleeping Pokemon.
Taking the rucksack from under Torchic in an orderly manner, she rushed back out of the tent, grabbing Tepig by the scruff of his neck and dropping him near the fire.
"Can we open it now?" asked Tepig, a bit of saliva running down his chin.
"Okay." Fennekin gave a giggle, opening up the packet of marshmallows in the rucksack.
"Do you think they heard?" whispered Tepig.
"Hopefully not," said Fennekin, reaching her paw in to scoop up some of the marshmallows.
"Or so you thought," a voice said.
The two thieves turned around to see Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic and Chimchar staring at them.
"Hand it here!" yelled Charmander.
Fennekin threw the packet up into the air, as everyone jumped on top of eachother to reach it.
"Got it!" said Chimchar as he fell from mid-air, clutching the packet.
The fight was only getting more intense by the second.
"Not anymore!" yelled Torchic, before grabbing the packet out of Chimchar's hands with her beak, hitting the ground with an undeniable force, causing some of the fluffy snacks to fall out of the bag.

The fight went on and on in the night, scratching, biting and screaming. Hours upon hours ticked by, the sun rising, even. Everyone was sprawled on the ground in a circle around the tent, the packet of marshmallows being on the roof.
"I...just...want...to....eat..." Charmander muttered between giant breaths. The fight had tired them all.
Everyone swished their tails round and round in attempt to get up and jump for the packet, but it was no use.
Swish. Swishhhhh.
A spark appeared on the fabric of the tent.
Everyone bent over as they looked up to see what had caused the strange sound.
"The tent!"
The tent was on fire, blazing with heat around the bottom. It was only a matter of time before the whole thing came tumbling down, along with...
"The marshmallows..." muttered Torchic.
The tent collapsed into ash, as abit of grey, crinkled paper floated down on top of it.
"No!" Everyone started crying. They had learnt a very valuable lesson.

Don't play with fire, kids.
  1. Takinas
    This was a very cute story. It's nice to see slice-of-life stories where it's just the Pokemon involved.
    Jul 13, 2014
  2. Vaporeonn
    Lol! Don' t play with fire kids'! XD
    Mar 30, 2014
    AzureEdge, Kumec and Sy Kage like this.