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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Mark Again?!

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel, Sasha, and Gabriel all made it safely to Fords Town, but more surprises are yet to come...
We went straight to the gym in the morning only to find a sign.
Gym closed by the Hoenn Regional League. Gym transferred to Verdel Town
"Great, now we need to travel there" I said. "Let's check, that's passed Port City (Slateport City) and Maul City (Mauville City), guess is easy to get there, we just need a boat" Sasha said looking at her map. "Well, well, isn't it my rival, or just a kid that doesn't know how to battle" said a trainer exiting the closed gym. "Is YOU!!" I yelled pointing at him. "Correct, I'm Mark, remember me, from before" he said. "I do" I answer back. "Wanna battle, two on two pokemon" he suggested. "Sure, I have two pokemon now" I said.
The battle between Uriel & Mark will now begin.
"Go Meditite" "Go Seedot". "I see new action at the start" I said. "Sure, why not" He asked. "Meditite use Fire Punch , DODGE IT. Seedot dodges. "Seedot use Razor Leaf" Seedot hits Meditite right there. "Meditite use Thunder Punch" Meditite goes and hits Seedot and Seedot gets paralyzed. "Seedot use Razor Leaf once more" Seedot manages to go first and destroy the Meditite. "Return, Go Cacnea, use Pin Missile" Cacnea hits Pin Missile and Seedot is fainted. "Return, "Go Magby use Ember" Ember ends Cacnea in a shot. "Guess, you lost again, Uriel" Mark said. "I can't believe it" I said. "Well, too bad, go to go, see ya around, and maybe you'll become stronger" Mark said leaving. "I have to go to, see ya" Gabriel said. "Me too" added Sasha. "Bye see ya later" I said going forward in my journey to enter the League and compete.