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cartoon rap battles: Mario vs Sonic Rap

by Scrafty

Scrafty My first of rap battles
rap battle Sonic vs Mario

I am super Mario
The hero of this kingdom
I'm on the zenith tier
I'll beat you easily, boredom

My fire flower will burn you away
In the desert is where you lay
You are a disgrace
That's what your mom says every day

You may be fast but weak
A easy battle awaits me I seek
And those shoes look fake
They look crap for goodness sake

I am the blue blur
You'll never catch me
Why don't you sit your ass down
And drink a cup of tea

You don't have powers
You rely on your power ups
I will knock you out
With small plastic tea cups

I'm faster than the speed of light
You can't see me with the naked eye
Because your a fat plumber
Causing obesity, your gonna die

Says Sonic more like Sanic
Even he looks better than Manic
And your sister Sonia
she has a crappy harmonia

And your partner tails
Most of his machines usually fail
He's untrained
Why don't you put him up for sale

And your girlfriend Amy
She sucks crud
All she wants to do
Is to slap you little but

Well I don't give a fuck
Keep your mouth hole shut
Mushroom is all you eat
Piss is what you suck

You and your mouldy toast
I'll kick you away to the coast
Because im winning
You cannot beat me you cannot roast

So go away with your spaghetti
And meet Mario Balotelli
He's the best Mario
You go home with your big belly