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Pokemon Variants: Mareep Variants

by Billy Joe

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Billy Joe Jacob Sheep Mareep Dex Entry- It is a Pokemon feared by many. Not only does it have horns capable of breaking rock, but if you stare at it for too long, you will become afflicted with an illness.

Angola Mareep Dex Entry- It's fur is very curly and fluffy. Their fur is sheared and used to make fashionable sweaters and coats. They do not have good eyesight because their eyes are covered whenever they aren't sheared.

Ibex Mareep Dex Entry- This Pokemon lives in mountainous regions. They battle each other with their horns to compete for mates.

Kalahari Red Mareep Dex Entry- Because it lives in such hot regions, some of them could not take the heat of the savanna and began to become weak. This led to the Kalahari Red Mareep to become a fire type Pokemon.
  1. Billy Joe
    Billy Joe
    I accidentally wrote Jason sheep instead of Jacob sheep
    Dec 29, 2016