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Magic man

by Manny-pokefan

Manny-pokefan Chapters 1: niko the magic man part 1
Melanie the annoying girl comes rushing through the doors "Niko wait up" she said running in the halls "What do you want. Go away" Niko said Niko is the calm one that does not care about anyone "how did you do in your history test" said Melanie looking at nikos glasses "why do you care" said Niko "because I copied you" said Melanie "hmm...I copied somebody else's" Niko said as he was walking to the biggest bully boru "umm are you still gonna visit that guy boru" said Melanie frightened "it would be very rude to say no" said Niko calmly "hey punk ready to get a punch in your face marathon" said boru in a very mean voice "sure why not" said Niko as he walked away "hey Niko you owe me because you copied me" said the smartest guy in high school Sam "here have my Oreos" said Niko giving Sam his Oreos he did not eat [Bell starts ringing] "come on Sammy we are going to be late for class" said Melanie running up the stairs [ 4 hours later] "finally going home time but first I'm going to get that girl and Sammy" fire alarm rings as Niko walks upstairs "hurry there is fire in classB13" said a student as they ran "wait that were Sammy and Melanie are WAIT"

[To be continued]