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Tsukaikoyo High School stuff: Magic Elemental Pentagon

by ~Rinko~

Elemental Pentagon.png
~Rinko~ Soo, I've been working on a story, but I've decided to take a quick break a do this and explain how the magic works so no-one ends up getting confused :)

After Yokai started to appear in Hokkaido, some people gained the ability to use elemental magics of either Fire, Metal, Wood, Earth or Water. The Yokai also had certain elemental "affinities" with a basic one which is any of the ones that humans gained, though less powerful due to focusing more on their other affinity, an "advanced" elemental affinity, which is stronger and their main, of either Darkness, Ice, Light, Wind or Thunder
At the top you have Fire which is control of fire and, given enough time and practice, most heat and Darkness which is control of shadows and is useful for fake attacks; then on the right you have Metal which allows for creation and manipulation of metal objects and Ice which is control of ice and snow; then bottom-right is Wood which is control of most plants and Light which is creating and manipulating different kinds of light; bottom-left is Earth which is manipulation of the ground and Wind which is creation and manipulation of winds and the air; and lastly on the left is Water which is manipulation of water and limited water breathing and Thunder which allows for creation of lighting and manipulation of the electricity in electrical devices.
Hope these are good explanations!
Please let me know if you want to be tagged when I post the story!
  1. ~Rinko~
    Whoops, I forgot to add a brief explanation of how exactly magic works when I posted this, just added it.
    Mar 26, 2019