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by R Envoide

R Envoide Now, this is the base design for the legendary that Bro is making for Pokemon Locks
Orida has three trolley bags for a 2 day trip -__-
:3 YUP (^w^)v ... Details!! :
Name : Luzlark (Corrupted Forme)
Species : Bounded Pokemon
Typing : Normal/Ghost
Ability : Immunity
Description : This pokemon leaks dark red fluid from its chestplate.
This rare fluid is known to be capable of curing many
human diseases yet its effects on pokemon vary: from
curing poison and up to causing the pokemon to faint.
Stats : (In Progress)

Bro won't draw any more tonight... "2:30am"... today XD
I still have stuff to finish up before leaving later
pffft, fine... boop