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Lustre Litewing, the Sparkling Diva

by Zixal

Luster shine.png
Zixal I recently got involved with this new roleplay community called Bug Buzz, which centers around a fictional world wherein human evolution was usurped by insects. Now humanoids, the insect population has developed their own bustling societies and big cities, but there's so much lore to it that I can't explain here. This is just the basic rundown of the world. I was oddly inspired when I joined it, and here I am going ahead and drawing my character at a LIGHTNING pace. So, here we go- probably by best drawing thus far: Lustre Litewing, the golden scarab beetle.

Lustre is a scarab beetle who is a natural color of gold. However, she's more or less taken her gold color to heart, and she keeps her exoskeleton polished to a beautiful sheen at all times. Obsessed with shiny things and flashy, eye-catching outfits, Lustre is one of the top fashion designers of Chrysalis City (the capital city of Bug Buzz). Renowned for her jaw-droppingly flashy designs and her over-the-top charisma and generosity, Lustre is an insect who spent the better part of her life trying to learn how to let her inner light shine- and once it finally did, she let it display for all the world to see through her luminescent outfits.

Lustre is a diva at heart. With a natural affinity to the stage, and a sucker for all kinds of public attention, she is perfectly happy to make a scene of even the most mundane of tasks, from entering a building to taking out the trash. She loves the limelight, but over the course of her life, came to realize that she didn't have the right to own it. When she found herself providing encouragement to others aspiring to be something beyond themselves, Lustre began to properly understand what she enjoyed, and what kind of beetle she was. With her mind set up, she dedicated most of her career to whatever she felt like- charities, helping out entries into the popular fighting competitions, bugs trying to get education for their passion careers- Lustre found anything she could use her advantageous position in society for and dove headfirst into it. Now rather well-remarked for her generosity, and her encouragement of every bug in Chrysalis to let their inner light shine through, Lustre has finally found her home in society and in her own shoes. Still a diva, and still always happy to be center stage, but now her primary goals are to help others reach their form of 'center stage', and discover what makes them truly happy.

Lustre is my little bean of encouragement and positive energy. And I love her. Not as much as I love Blazz, but Lustre is definitely one of my favorite characters, up there with Sloth and Blazz.
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