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Lunar Wolf Adventures: Lunar Wolf Adventures: Chapter Seven

by Midnight Princess

On their way to the ranch where Zack lived, it began to pour.
"Come on!" Zack yelled, breaking into a run. It was obvious Zack did not like getting wet. Midnight giggled and ran after Zack, Blaze running right beside her.
"Can't say much, though, 'cause I don't really like being wet myself." Midnight mumbled to herself as she and Blaze ran. Midnight was a fast runner, so she quickly caught up to Zack. Blaze barked, not minding the rain at all, despite the fact he was a fire type. A few minutes later, Midnight saw a white painted wooden fence, that had a white painted wooden arch above it. The arch had a white wooden sign hanging from it that read 'Lasso Ranch'. Midnight also saw a new looking bright red barn with a white roof, a old looking dark red barn with a black roof, and a large white house with a black roof and chimney. The house also had a two for garage built onto it.
"Wow, that house looks like a mansion!" Midnight thought to herself as she, Zack, and Blaze reached the front porch. Blaze shook the water off himself as Zack opened the front door and walked in. Midnight walked in, Blaze right by her side.
"Wow..." Midnight mumbled in surprise as she looked around at the white dry walls with pictures here and there, along with some other things, and the bright pinewood floor and ceiling. Midnight saw a red couch with a red carpet, a mahogany coffee table in front it, with mahogany end tables on either side. Both end tables had a white and dark brown lamp on them, and one had three books in it.
"I'm home! I brought company!" Zack called up some stairs. He went and sat down on the couch, and Midnight sat beside him. He laughed when Blaze accidentally ran into the wall while sniffing around, and Midnight giggled.

To be continued...
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