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Lunar Wolf Adventures: Lunar Wolf Adventures: Chapter Eleven

by Midnight Heart

Midnight noticed it had stopped raining.
"Its stopped raining. I should probably go. I want to try to get to Virbank City before nighttime." Midnight said sadly. Zack looked at her as they walked back to the house.
"Are you planning on getting all the badges in the Unova Region so you can challenge the Pokemon League?" Zack asked Midnight. Midnight nodded, causing Zack to smile.
"Me, Dakota, and our friend, Tracy, have wanted to travel around the Unova Region. Maybe we could go with you! I'm sure Tracy's mom and Aunt Kiana wouldn't mind." Zack said happily. Midnight smiled.
"That would be nice." Midnight said shyly. Blaze came out of his Poke ball and began chasing Sparks playfully, as Sparks had came out of her Poke ball, too.
"So... Could we come with you?" Zack asked, now seeming a little shy. Midnight nodded, causing Zack to smile and hug her. Midnight blushed a little due to Zack hugging her, but Zack didn't seem to notice.
"Yay! Thanks, Midnight!" Zack said happily, letting go of her.
"So where does Tracy live?" Midnight asked.
"She lives in Virbank City." Zack said happily.
"I'm going to go get Dakota!" Zack said once they reached the backdoor, which led into kitchen. Zack ran to the back door that led into the garage, seeming excited. Midnight giggled.
"Traveling with Zack might be fun." Midnight thought to herself with a smile.

To be continued...
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