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Lunar Quest: Lunar Quest: Chapter 2

by SummerShaymin

SummerShaymin Ok, ok. I'll start the actual adventure.
I watched as my Popplio fainted from Rowlet's last attack. "This battle was great! However, I have to go." I told the boy, rushing off before I could hear his response. I knew it was impolite, but I just wanted to rush into adventure. I ran to the nearest Pokémon Center and got Popplio healed. I bought some Poké Balls as well.

"Trainer School?" I asked myself. "Well, I don't think I need that. However, there is tall grass..." I said, before walking in and treading through said tall grass. "Wow!" I exclaimed as a Zorua popped out. "They only moved to Alola recently." I noted. I sent out Popplio, and looked him in the eye. "Don't let your last loss bring you down. Use Water Gun!" I told him. He nodded, before following through. The Zorua used Scratch, which did little damage. I threw a Poké Ball. One...Two...Three..Caught! "Hey!" said a voice behind me. I turned around.
  1. The Delivery Pancham
    The Delivery Pancham
    Okay. I don't understand. Are you writing about the gang's journeys? Or are you with new characters?
    Nov 21, 2017