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by LillianThePaint

LillianThePaint Bio:
Name: Luna
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Powers/Weapons: A Reflection Blade and Moon Dust grenades. Voice. (The Reflection Blade is a play on words. Basically, picture a blade made out of light. But since the Moon reflects light, it's a Reflection Blade ;] )
Species: Prev. Human, now Moon Goddess
Other: Traded voice for immortality and a Goddess-like appearence, but after a few years of pride, she's become quite wise. If she talks, its lethal to both her and the listeners. Fluent in "Star-Speaking" aka moving stars to form words to communicate. Also sign-language.

This is actually an older drawing which I might redo later.
  1. LillianThePaint
    god i just realized how well i wrote her. the design was just bad. i recently redesigned her as a more modern, spunky girl, and now im regretting it
    Sep 9, 2017