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Lumiose Reporter: Welcome to Gandy Town

by Al the Bard

Al the Bard Lee, a reporter for the Lumiose Press, along with his friends Pikachu and Ronda, a Pokemon trainer, travel to the Artemel region. Their first stop is in Gandy Town where Lee finds his first story.
Lee felt someone shaking him awake. After opening his eyes, he glanced at Ronda, who was pointing out the window at the crescent-shaped landscape outside the train’s window. “We’re here Lee,” she said with excitement. “We’re finally here in the Artemel region.”

“That’s good,” Lee answered while stretching. He glanced over at his Pikachu, who was still sleeping in its aisle seat, then pulled out his laptop and cellphone. He dialed the number of the Lumiose Press and smiled as a woman’s voice asked,” Hello?”

“Alexa, hello,” Lee answered. “Ronda and i made it to the Artemel Region, we’re about to stop in Gandy Town.” Alexa assigned Lee to cover news in the Artemel Region for the Press. This included the hard news, crime, sports and entertainment happening in the region, as well as history of the area.

“Glad to hear you made it,” Alexa said. “Gandy Town is an interesting place. Legend has it that there’s an ancient Pokemon temple close to the city, though I’ve never seen it for myself.”

“Sounds like I have a mystery to solve,” Lee said before he felt a tug on his sleeve.

“We can look for your temple after I challenge the gym leader,” Ronda said. She was riding the momentum she gained from finishing in the top 4 of the Kalos league and accompanied Lee to compete in the Artemel region. “Alexa, do you have any idea what type of Pokemon the gym leader uses?”

Alexa nodded. “I believe his name is Hunter and he uses fighting types, which is right up your alley Ronda.”

Ronda smirked. “Sounds like a good challenge,” she said before turning to Lee. “Remember to make me look good when you write the story about me winning my first Artemel gym badge.”

“Don’t I always?” Lee asked with a wink as the train came to a stop. “I’ll talk with some of the citizens and see if they’ve heard anything about the temple. I should have something on it tomorrow for Friday’s issue.”

Alexa shook her head. “Don’t worry about the temple Lee. Sports will be thin tomorrow and a good piece on Ronda’s battle along with some photos will help fill some space.”

Lee glanced at Ronda, who tried her best to hide her impish grin.


After the train stopped, Lee, Ronda and Pikachu went to closest Pokemon center. Pikachu climbed onto the tray with Lee and Ronda’s Pokeballs. The two had decided to only bring three Pokemon each to the new region while leaving the rest back home at Kalos.

“So what Pokemon are you planning to use against Hunter?” Lee asked as he brought out his pen and pad.

“Probably Hawlucha and I can’t go wrong with Gene,” Ronda said with a smirk, referring to her Throh.

As Nurse Joy brought back their Pokemon, Lee and Ronda heard a loud crash that came from outside the building. Lee glanced at Pikachu, who jumped to a window and pointed outside.

Ronda stood next to Pikachu and noticed a lighthouse that overlooked the beach. Lee walked outside and took out his camera and attached the long lense to it. After adjusting it, he noticed what looked like a large red Pokemon climbing the tower.

“I’ve got to get a closer look,” Lee said as he ran out the door. He could hear Ronda and Pikachu call after him as he tossed out his Pokeball, summoning his Noivern. “Sasha, can you get me to that lighthouse?”

Lee’s Noivern nodded as she noticed his camera. After Lee climbed her back, Sasha took to the air. As they got closer to the lighthouse, Lee compared the Pokemon’s appearance to a Regice, except it was all red and had longer limbs. He adjusted his lense and shot some photos of the Pokemon as Sasha slowly moved around the Pokemon.

“What is that?” Lee asked as the Pokemon turned to his direction and shot a flamethrower from its mouth, causing Sasha to move out of the way. The red Pokemon shot another flamethrower, which grazed Sasha’s wing. The Noivern let out of a soft cry as Lee snapped a few more photos before she flew away.

“Sasha, are you alright?” he asked. The Noivern glanced back with a reassuring grin before landing next to Ronda and Pikachu.

“What is that thing?” Ronda asked as the red statue starting hitting the lighthouse.

“Whatever it is, we better do something,” Lee said. “Sasha, go and hit it with a steel wing attack.” Sasha flew back up and hit it, barely doing any damage. She hit it again, causing the top of its head to fall.

“It’s a robot of some kind,” Ronda said as the empty head dropped to them. Lee snapped some photos and glanced at it, noticing an etching of a green fist on the inside of the robot’s head. Sasha let out a triumphant cry as she grabbed the robot and tossed it off of the lighthouse. The robot landed several feet away.

Several police arrived onto the scene as Lee pet Sasha’s neck. “You did a great job,” he said as he put her pack in her Pokeball. “Have a good rest.”

Officer Jenny approached Lee. “What’s going on here?”

Lee showed his press pass. “My name is Lee Wiseman and I work at the Lumiose Press. These are my companions Pikachu and Ronda Toombs.” He held up the robot head and added. “We saw this climbing the lighthouse. I took some photos and Sasha defeated it.”

Jenny noticed the green image. “Team Gamma,” she said with a shake of her head.

“What’s Team Gamma?” Ronda asked.

“They’re a criminal organization that has branches throughout Artemel,” Jenny said. “There were rumors that they were operating in Gandy Town. Look, you better leave this place and let the police handle it.”

Before Lee could object, Pikachu grabbed his arm and handed him his camera bag. “You’re right buddy, we should get going,” he said as he and Ronda walked away.

“Looks like you’ll have a story about this after all,” Ronda said.

Lee nodded as put his camera back in its bag. “I’ll work on it later. We should get going to the gym.”

Ronda nodded as she led the way. Pikachu jumped onto Lee’s shoulder and stared back at the lighthouse and let out a couple of phrases in what Lee called Pika-speak.

“I’m asking myself the same thing buddy,” Lee said. “There has to be a reason this Team Gamma would go after the lighthouse.”

To be continued.
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