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cartoon rap battles: Luigi vs Tails Rap

by Scrafty

Scrafty Rap battle no.3
Tails vs Luigi rap battle
Hello little 2 failed fox
Are you still trying to repair them clocks
Well your wasting time
Cause you show off too much

Just look at your stuff
You mostly have to rely on sonic
I'll rip off his quills
And use it for my tonic

You don't know how to make that
Cause your not smart enough
Your IQ is below 10
No wonder your lifes tough

You are the wimp one of the bros
If I shout your on your toes
I am pretty adroit
As you can't beat your foes

Well to you I am the macabre
And your the micro mouse
If I had a sabre I'll chop you
In my kitchen in my house

As I'll feed you to the chain chomp
Instead of digging you a tomb
Because you are the disease
That nearly killed everyone

Well that ain't true
And I can call myself astute
As you look like a waluigi
That has ate more food

Now snug in bed
With that Yoshi to
And I hope
It will eat you