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Lugia the Endbringer, Yggralith Dragonius, Dusknobake, and Drone Beedrill

by BurbleBurble

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BurbleBurble These are Pokemon, in the style of Xenoblade chronicles X enemies! While the first two are based on things ingame (Telethia the Endbringer, and Yggralith Zero, some of the most fierce enemies in the entirety of the game) but Duskobake and the Drone Beedrill are only based on the Pokemon's origin itself. Here's the blurbs about them, by the way.
Lugia, the Endbringer
Lv. 100 No.249
Telethian rank
Lugia possesses much more power than it's Telethian Pokemon bretheren. While it disregards most contact, do not let it's docile behavior fool you: The sheer force it's attacks exert along with the ability to control weather. Especially beware of it's Aeroblast, which can flatten mountains with it.
Do NOT engage under any circumstance.
Yggralith Dragonius (Based on Dragonite)
Lv. 83 No. 149
Yggralith rank
Dragonius is a very Powerful force, with manipulation over weather, emitting paralyzing waves of thin electricity, and incredible might in Outrage. It is a huge threat to the ecosystem around it as a result. Tameable, but it is not an easy task. Take great caution in doing so.
Dusknobake (Based on Dusknoir)
Lv. 46 No.477
Indigen rank
Duskobake is a menace, interrupting communication systems with it's ghostly sounds. It is also quite dangerous, able to shut down machinery and obliterate packs of low leveled indigens, and feasts on the corpses to increase it's power. It makes it's home in dark caves. Tameable.
Drone Beedrill
Lv. 17 No.15
Indigen rank
A drone creature for a hive of other Beedrill. They attack in packs to make up for their weaknesses.
I'll probably make more in the future. If there's any you all would like to see, shoot me a message and I'll consider it.
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