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You + Pokemon: Ludicolo: Dancing in the Hail

by ChampionZ_Pearl

ChampionZ_Pearl After your 3rd attempt to defeat Winona in her windy gym of flying type pokemon, you come out with your 3rd defeat. You've taken all of your pokemon in to the gym to face Winona but your cheerful Ludicolo. After every defeat against Winona, your fun Ludicolo always comes around to cheer you up. Is it enough to get the Feather Badge though?

*NOTE: Pokemon translation is in BOLD : D
*NOTE II: (y/n)=your name; (f/p)= favorite pokemon --->Enjoy!
It was your final pokemon, (f/p). (f/p) has really taken a hit from Winona's Skarmory's Steel Wing. You didn't know how much longer it would take. (f/p) struggled to even stand up. You were overthinking strategy after strategy after strategy. Your mouth just started running.

You: (f/p) !!! Use (f/p 's move)!!!

The pokemon responds trying to land its attack onto the Skarmory. Winona calls out to it telling the silver pokemon to dodge. It easily maneuvers around your pokemon's attack. (f/p) stumbles as it nearly passes out.

Winona: All right, Skarmory finish it off with Air Cutter!

The Skarmory nods and screeches as its wings clap together forming sharp wind currents. The currents force your pokemon down to the ground and to be knocked out. The referee calls the match.

Referee: (f/p) has been defeated! Winona wins!

Winona runs up to her Skarmory giving it a big hug. You looked at her smiling and complimenting her pokemon. You sighed with an awkward smile. You go up to your knocked out (f/p).

You: You did good, buddy.

You return it to its pokeball. As you get back up, Winona approaches you.

Winona: Hey, no need to be bummed. You're always welcome to try again.

You: Yeah...

Winona: By the way, is that your Ludicolo outside ?

You: Huh?

Winona points out to the window to your right. You see Ludicolo's cheery face smooshed up against the glass. The happy pokemon waves at you doing a jolly little dance. It spins around giving a thumbs up. You chuckle.

You: (laughs) Ludicolo, geez...

Winona: How come you didn't bring him in to battle?

You: Well, Ludicolo is a part grass type, so I figured he wouldn't be so effective in your gym.

Winona: Well, if I have any advice to you...(looks at Ludicolo)

Your Ludicolo was still looking into the window anxiously. It was dark and raining outside, but...that bright and yellow pokemon always seemed to brighten up the darkest of days. Winona smiles gently at you.

Winona: Sometimes the strongest of pokemon aren't always the most graceful. It takes a bit of a wilder side if you want to beat me. Just a suggestion (winks).

You took her advice to heart as you left the gym. You stared at the ground until you came across two green stubby feet waddling up to you. You look up to see the same peppy Ludicolo.

You: Hey, Ludicolo...

You keep walking to the center with Ludicolo following you side by side. Ludicolo looks at you in wonder of your battle.

Ludicolo: Ludicolo? (How was your battle?)

You: Hm? You guess.

Ludicolo takes a moment to think as it scratched his head... or hat.

Ludicolo: Ludi Ludicolo! (You won!)

You: Nah. Winona and her dang Skarmory beat me again. (sighs)

Ludicolo: Colo...(Oh...)

You both enter the center and you hand your pokemon to Nurse Joy. Her and her Chansey walk away with them. You sit outside in the cold rain with Ludicolo. You didn't feel like sitting inside with all those people there to see you with your 3rd loss. You've battled Winona so many times you've become a familiar face for Fortree City and its residents.
You looked at your hands and sighed. You kept replaying alll your attempts to beat Winona in your mind. You felt like you were so close. Ludicolo goes up in front of you with a smiling face. It dances around to make you smile. You just chuckle and go back to looking down at the ground. Ludicolo thinks of ways to cheer you up. It tries another dance with silly faces. You shrugged your shoulders and didn't react.
This was a first for your Ludicolo to see you so down. Ludicolo remembered seeing you smile. Seeing you be strong and determined to finish everything you started. However, seeing you like this was making him sad too. But like how you were, he was determined to make you laugh and smile like before!
Your Ludicolo runs off further and looks up at the rainy dark clouds.

You: Ludicolo, what are you doing out there?

Ludicolo waves at you. Ludicolo does a strange motion and waves around towards the sky. It was odd even for Ludicolo. Then, all of a sudden the dark gray clouds turn into a puffy white. The rain solidifes and turns into soft snow, then ...hail !
Your hand opens up outwards to catch a few droplets. It was legitimate hail! Did Ludicolo do this?!

You: Ludicolo! How did you do that?!

Ludicolo: Ludi Ludi Ludicolo! (I don't know!)

You: Woah!

From where you were from, you didn't get much ice, snow, or hail! It was either clear skies or cloudy skies. Nothing more or less! You look at Ludicolo look at the muddy, soggy ground. Ludiclo all of a sudden and out of the blue shoots a blue beam at the floor. It hardens into ice!!!

You: Y-You know Ice Beam!?!

Ludicolo: Ludicolo! (Ice Beam!!!)

You: This is amazing!!!

You want to go run out to your Ludicolo and hug it but as you ran across the ice, you fall on your bottom. Ludicolo tries to aid you, but also slips. You both blankly look at each other then laugh.
You were back to your old self.

Ludicolo: Ludi Ludicolo! (Yaaay!)

You: Ludicolo...this is awesome.

Ludicolo gives another thumbs up. An idea flashes through your mind.

You: Ludicolo, wanna battle tomorrow?

Ludicolo: Ludicolo!!! (Battle!!!)

You: I've got an idea.


It was down to you and Winona's last pokemon. This time it was her Altaria. The puffy, blue pokemon floated in the air just like a cloud and stared down Ludicolo.

Winona: I see you've brought your happy Ludicolo, (y/n)!

You: Yeah. And today, I'm finally taking the Feather Badge!

Winona: We'll see. Altaria! Use Dragon Breath!

You: Ludicolo, Protect!

Altaria's Dragon Breath hits Ludicolo's barrier and is neutralized.

You: Ludicolo, make it hail in here!

Winona: Hail?

Ludicolo dances around and all of a sudden puffy white clouds form in the gym! It began to hail hard! The Altaria has trouble floating around in the air as tons of hail falls upon its wings.

Winona: What is that kid trying to do? Altaria, Dragon Breath again!

Altaria nods and shoots out a purple beam at Ludicolo. Ludicolo does a roll forward and shoots an Ice Beam on the ground, freezing it over!

Winona: The battle ground is-

You: It's frozen! Yes!

Ludicolo skates around at a crazy speed. It's jolly face circulates around Altaria. Altaria tries to keep track but forgets about the hail hitting it's face and wings.

Winona: Altaria, Cotton Guard!

Altaria's form and clouds seems to thicken. It wouldn't matter though. A good defense always had a better offense to break through it.

Winona: Charge at it and use Dragon Breath!

You: Ludicolo, it's all you now!

The Altaria swoops in at Ludicolo. Ludicolo dodges as it zooms across the ice and comes up behind it.

Winona: How is it so fast?!

You: Finish it off with an Ice Beam!!!

Ludicolo shoots out a blue beam and freezes up Altaria. The dragon bird falls to the ground, nearly frozen and frostbitten. It was defeated and so was Winona.
The referee calls out the magical words you've been waiting for.

Referee: Altaria has been defeated! (y/n) wins!

You run to your Ludicolo and hug it.

You: We did it, Ludicolo! You beat Winona!!!

Ludicolo: Ludicolo! (Yaaay!)

As you guys separate from the embrace, Winona approaches you with a big smile.

Winona: I finally present to you your Feather Badge.

You take it from her hand and cheer. Ludicolo dances around. You look at the pokemon and then the badge. You patch it onto Ludicolo's hat or...head.

You: This was all you, buddy. Great job.

Ludicolo: Ludicolo? (Really?)

Winona: I have to say. I've never had someone to be as wild as your Ludicolo be so graceful on ice.

You: Well...

Your Ludicolo gives you a special smile.

You: Neither have I.

This was a victory to never forget. Who would have guessed this crazy Ludicolo could ever be called graceful? Who would've thought that Ludicolo could make your rainy days into hailing ones? Who would have known that Ludicolo could make you so happy...
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