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The Lavander Institution: Lucy

by FearfulNights

FearfulNights "Meet Lucy! A resident of Lavender Institution. A place where horrible things are made. Nightmarish creatures with bright colors. Lucy is one of them. Living inside Lucy is a parasite we call centigums. A flesh eating centipede which is colored as if it was a gummy worm. These centigums hollow out its victims leaving nothing but toxic fluids that spill out of the holes they burrow in the skull of the victim, but no worries! These pesky centigums are easy to control. Just a spritz of water will do them great harm. Handle with care my Lovleys" - Head Doctor, Lucifer
  1. FearfulNights
    Sure! That sounds really cool!
    You have my permission to do that
    Jun 24, 2019
  2. Salted_Apples
    So, I've been a novice SCP writer for a while, so I was wondering if I would have permission to make written documents to go along with these things? Thought it would be fun.
    Jun 24, 2019
    FearfulNights likes this.