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Luck Favors The Bold

by Wanderer

Wanderer This was inspired By Mykiio--Replicating his drawing style as much as possible while having my own flare to it, he is a great artist that deserves more renown. This drawing is my thanks for him getting me back into drawing after 4 years after my mother’s death. When she died of cancer-I Just I could not draw anymore. This may not be adult or anything like that. No, this is a tribute to him, an inspirational art featuring my character Hiro; in his style-an homage if you will. His showcase of anatomy and shading is just exquisite. Replicating his style in an old school Byzantine art to Pre-Romanesque art was no easy feat. Done with India ink/ Japanese Micron pens on a canvas 8.5 by 11.0 inches. Mykiio this is my thanks to you."- Warren S.

- Pokemon Belongs to Nintendo and Hiro is mine. Please comment and Critique. As I go under GunslingerRhy on deviant art and Wanderer042 on Furaffnity.