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Battles of the Legend: Lucas's best battles

by Liam Williams

Liam Williams A story about my best fights. (From my google docs)
Lucas vs Articuno

"..." Lucas couldn't speak. He lost his voice.
"Lucas, why can't you do this on your own?" Asked Charles. A ginger head.
"..." He looked at Charles, intensely.
"Charles, remember Lucas can't speak!!" said Reid. A Black haired male.
"..." Lucas wished he could speak.
The group were in Seafoam caves. They kept talking. They still needed to train. They were gonna face Blaine later.
"Charles...I've got something to say to you!" Reid said.
The group kept walking.
"Charles, you are a really aggrivating, annoying, and a-"
They began to fall down a hole.
Lucas shrugged while his friends scream to death. He sends out his Charizard as he catches him. His friends, however, fell in the ice cold water.
"..." He sent out Machamp as he picked up and dragged the frozen boys onto shore. Lucas returns his pokemon and sends out Lapras and uses him to get across the water.
"...!" He gasped. A cry from a pokemon is heard. "......" He was shocked. Never heard that cry. He thought. He followed it and arrived. Come back, Narwhal He thought. A majestic bird, was colored like Ice. What is that beautiful pokemon? He asked himself, pulling out his red pokedex.
"A legendary bird POKéMON that is said to appear to doomed people who are lost in icy mountains." The Dex read. "..." He cheered. He sent out Machamp. "...." He declared a battle
Articuno's voice roared.
"..." he used a motion that told the buff pokemon to use Close Combat. But the bird used Air slash, fainting it one shot. So, it's a legendary? I must catch it. But.... He glared, throwing a Ultra Ball with Flareon. I gotta weaken it!! He clenched his fist and did a motion which told Flareon to use Flamethrower. The flames charged at the Ice Bird, but the bird dodged it and used Extrasensory. The fire type fainted. "....." He held his dear friend. Return, Flareon. He said in his head. But that wasn't the end.
Charizard fainted due to Articuno's Ancient Power.
Snorlax fainted due to Articuno's Avalance.
"....." he cried as he called back Snorlax. This is my last pokemon.... He began. Pikachu came out of it's pokeball.
________________________________________________To be continued...........__________________________________
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  1. Liam Williams
    Liam Williams
    Jul 24, 2017