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Logans Pokemon Adventure: Lucario and Me

by Logan Ketchum

Logan Ketchum Logan decides to choose his starter pokemon,but he fell and hanged to the side of a cliff,Will his pokemon adventure never start or will it do?
"I am going to get my starter pokemon" I said,I got my bag and my hat,As i was leaving the house,I saw this girl named lily.Lily then said,"Hello"."Hi" I said, "I am going to get my first pokemon"."Me too" said lily.I am rushing to get my pokemon,then i almost fell of a cliff,at least i grabbed on the ledge,A Riolu appeared, i saw it and it was yellow."Weird" I said,I was starting to slip,It suddenly evolved into a lucario.He got my hand before i fell,and i think he likes me,I got to the professers lab in time."There is 18 pokemon to choose from" said Professor Cypress.Lily choose cyndaquil.and i Choose Froakie.I look behind me and that lucario that saved me not so long ago is there."Well Professor Cypress,Looks like this lucario likes me".He handed us 9 pokeballs for each of us and a pokedex.I used my first pokeball on the lucario and I caught it.Lucario and Froakie are be my 2 pokemon so far.