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Gaiien Region: LOUD NOISES: Squarrel and Margue

by Keleri

squarrel line.png
Keleri Squarrel → (lv. 20) Margue

#024 - Squarrel (squirrel + quarrel)

Rumpus Pokémon
They constantly bicker with one another over any minor disagreement or simply to pass the time. They are banned from most human settlements.
Learnset: Scratch, Growl, Screech, Uproar, Parting Shot, Taunt, Bite, Pursuit, Swagger, Torment, Rage, Feedback, Wah-Wah, Amplify, Nasty Voice, You Had A Tone, Buzzer, Supersonic

#025 - Margue (marten + argue)
Ruckus Pokémon
It is an incredibly aggressive and loud pokémon. Much larger pokémon have been observed running from it in surprise.
Base Stats: 70/80/60/50/60/100 (420)
Ability: Guts/Gluttony/[Anger Point]
Learnset: Night Slash, Crunch, Slash, Hyper Voice, Boomburst, Cacophony, Pandemonium, Hysteria, Sonography, Cavitation, Sonic Cannon, Tooth Rattle, Hyper Fang, Scary Face, Super Fang, Tri Attack, Double Hit, Dual Chop, Fury Swipes, Tail Slap, Beat Up

The Sound-type is a type based on sound, voices, singing, music, and other periodic vibrations. Its attacking effectiveness is 2x Water, Ice, Ground, Rock, Steel, Crystal 0.5x Flying, Psychic, Bug, Cosmic 0x Sound; its defensive weakness is 2x from Flying, Psychic, Virtual, Cosmic 0.5x Water, Steel 0x Sound (all fanmade types are subject to change/balancing).

Sound-type moves:
Supersonic, uproar, hyper voice, growl, roar, metal sound, sing, screech, grasswhistle, snore, heal bell, perish song, boomburst, confide, echoed voice, noble roar, relic song, round
Part sound-type: Bug buzz, disarming voice, grasswhistle, metal sound, parting shot, shadow panic (shadow-type), snarl, Clanging scales