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Lots Of Old Pokemon Art From My DA

by Tarak0na

pokemon_doodles_from_when_i_was_at_a_library_by_tarak0na_dccgeft-pre.jpg _solgaleo_roaring_in_the_distance___reupload__by_tarak0na_dbnnfux-fullview.jpg a_daily_reminder_from_victini_aka_the_best_pokemon_by_tarak0na_dc8uwvy-pre.jpg what_will_pikachu_do__by_tarak0na_dbnkepa-pre.jpg my_eyes_are_down_here_____reupload__by_tarak0na_dblrctx-pre.jpg mi_me_kyu__reupload__by_tarak0na_dblrddg-pre.jpg mimi_cutie_by_tarak0na_dbnn4my-pre.jpg geno_and_mallow_mimikyus__reupload__by_tarak0na_dblrdvu-pre.jpg
Tarak0na So... this is my first Creative Corner thing!

I'm sure I meant to put some of these here back when I joined here but, as you all know, I ended up forgetting about this site... oops. So basically this is a huge reupload dump of my old stuff from DeviantArt (that I may or may not end up deactivating, it's such a toxic website oof)

Feel free to ask anything about any specific drawing! No, really, if you're curious do! They all have their own stories about when and why I made em'! I'm actually kinda sad I can't add individual descriptions to these considering I'm dumping... oof
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  1. Victinope
    I need to learn the story of that Victini
    Mar 18, 2019 at 8:47 PM
  2. glennis75
    Looks good! My favorite is the Latias on the first picture. I can definitely tell these are original drawings!
    Mar 17, 2019
  3. Hollow Omega
    Hollow Omega
    Good drawings but what happened to Butterfree's other wing?
    Mar 16, 2019